Lily of the Valley of Le Blanc is the favorite fragrance of spring

Hello, everyone! Finally, spring came and replaced winter!) Hardly can one imagine how impatiently I was waiting for it. I am sure that there are many people who believe that it is a magical and inspiring period of a year.) That’s why I started thinking about purchase of a special and original spring fragrance in order to fill my home with its light and pleasant atmosphere.

Personally I associate spring with 2 flowers — a lily of the valley and lilac, that’s why I knew what a type of fragrance I want to find. Initially I thought to buy scented candles, but changed my mind and decided that I want something with purer and more natural aroma. So, I found one new and very interesting brand Le Blanc. This company produces pure, non-mixed fragrances in order to achieve similarity with natural aromas. That sounds really interesting, doesn’t it? What do you think?

Fortunately, there were fragrances of a lily of the valley and lilac among numerous aroma diffusers of Le Balnc. I chose a lily of the valley fragrance, because this flower is a symbol of purity, the first love and youth. It is something wonderful, fragile and beautiful for me. It blooms only one month in a year, that’s why such beauty should be appreciated. Now you see why I made up my mind to buy an aroma diffuser Lily of the Valley of the French company Le Blanc.

Generally lily of the valley fragrances are believed to be quite rich and strong. If you put a vase with a bouquet of these lovely flowers on your table, you can be sure that it will fill the whole room with extremely pleasant aromas. To my surprise, the Le Blanc aroma diffuser Lily of the Valley exudes very light, pleasant, slightly noticeable lily of the valley aromas. Suddenly a thought of my dear aunt came to my mind. She always complains that I use too much perfume. Not to mention that my home is full of various fragrances. She would be really surprised because of my choice of such light fragrance.)) Anyway, I wasn’t disappointed.) What can be better than a novelty? It allows discovering new horizons.

Oh I almost forgot to say! The Lily of the Valle fragrance is the most noticeable when I come home. You know, it is so natural and similar to real one that it seems to me that a bouquet of these spring flowers stands on my table. When the fragrance becomes weaker, I just turn several bamboo sticks. Above all else, it improves my mood which is a very important factor for me now. Study and other duties take so much time, that I just need something to relax. I put my aroma diffuser in a bedroom, because its light aromas suit this room perfectly well. Unlike live flowers, they don’t prevent me from sleeping.

The Le Blanc aroma diffuser is quite compact, because its size is only 50 ml. But it will be enough for a month of wonderful aromatherapy. Maybe I will buy a lilac fragrance later.)

Such spring harmony reigns in my home now! Which spring fragrances do you like? What do you associate with spring? I would be happy to find it out!)

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