Panel Report 2

Jake Fleisher

Jake discussed how he had used ideation and brainstorming techniques in his professional work. The ideation process that Jake presented had the steps like to consume voraciously, create voraciously, remain in awe, think critically, communicate and more. The brainstorming ideas that Jake discussed in class included thinking of wild ideas, generating lots of ideas, liberating constraints etc. One thing that stood out to me was the idea that the design was for function’s sake. Designers had to find multiple solutions to the problem so that designers could create product that fit with users’ expectations.

Katie Derthick

Katie shared her experience in the HCDE graduate program. She discussed her user research for some of her studies. Her work focuses on meditation, mindfulness, and Buddhism, which I thought was very interested. Katie did not limit herself to certain study, but she would immerse herself to different cultures and environments to broaden her study. Her idea that becoming more aware of the world really stood out of me.

Take away

There were two things I learned from this panel learning that could improve my works. About the ideation sprint, I had difficulties when generating ideas. I was stuck on not knowing what to sketch. Jake told us to generate wild ideas to liberate the constraints. In the future, I will put down whatever I think of on the paper without thinking how relative the drawing is to the topic. Another thing I learned from this panel was to immerse myself in different environments when conducting user research. When I did my user research in food market, I had problems that I only focused on few people and I did not think of different situations users might face. In the future, I will observe users in different environments.

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