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Obama becoming president didn’t magically fix racism.

You can see that clearly when a man runs on a platform of intolerance and gets elected.

Obama ran on a platform of hope, which won him the popular vote. Trump tapped into people’s fear, nostalgia, and desire for better lives, which got him votes (though not the popular vote).

Also I find that it’s typically white people like yourself that don’t understand what racism is — it’s more insidious and subtle than you think. Sure, there are people that are openly prejudiced against people of color. But it is more likely that they don’t realize that they cross to the other side of the street when a black man comes towards them, or they visit mostly white colleges when looking for interns and then scoff at claims of anti-diversity in their company, or they interrupt women of color constantly because deep down they don’t fully respect them as equals.

These are just behavioral examples — unfortunately racism is a system of oppression, not just a descriptor for behaviors. It affects everything from our laws, to our entertainment, to our school systems.

I understand that you consider yourself a political strategist — I’d recommend you listen to people with firsthand and usually daily experience with racism before you attempt to educate people on it. Otherwise your thoughts are operating from the same skewed world view as the rest of “not racist” white America.