(NOTE: if you do meet a woman who is impressed by catcalling, don’t be surprised when she turns out to be a shallow, self-absorbed twit.)
How To Meet Women Without Being Creepy AF
Leona’s Love Quest

There is a lot to unpack about women who don’t mind catcalling: ignoring their feelings of distrust because they think men don’t know better; seeing it as flattery in a society where male approval is more important than women’s personal comfort; seeing it as a compliment because compliments are few and for between; for starters.

I think it’s harmful to call women who are under the blanket of oppression, who cannot see the edges of it let alone know they are trapped by it, self absorbed or “twits.” We all have unlearning to do, and are all at different places in our unlearning process. I myself have given someone my information after they cat-called me just so I could privately tell them that they were dehumanizing me without embarrassing them on the street (as if they were concerned about me being embarrassed by their unwanted advances.)