You lied and said nothing happened, that seems to be the major problem.
Third Party Troll

Women are conditioned to value men’s wants above their own. THIS ALONE explains her 16 year old self’s behavior and everything after that. Unfortunately, there are many other cultural forces at play as well — the way rape victims are treated like liars, the way women are consistently portrayed as conniving and untrustworthy in the media, the way that rape is portrayed as violent sex when in reality it is SEXUALIZED VIOLENCE.

All of these things cause rape victims to never come forward, or cover for their rapists. Don’t blame her for wanting to protect herself. For many rape victims, it is what they have to do to survive.

In a perfect world, women would always come foreword when raped. But our society has created a place where it is safer to keep quiet than it is to seek justice. BLAME RAPE CULTURE. Not rape victims.