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Sometimes the lines are blurred

“You only need the right tool to accomplish the task at hand.”

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A children’s story for adult creatives

If you give a writer an deadline,
they’re going to ask for an extension.

If you give them an extension,
they are going to do more research.

If they do more research,
they are going to buy a notebook to record that research.

If they go to buy a new notebook,
they will want to buy new pens.

If they buy new pens,
they will have to ask their partner for some money.

If they ask their partner for some money,
they are going to fight about money.

If they fight about money, the writer will buy the pens and…

The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel is a masterful example of showing empathy while examining our online culture

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I love the Elisa Lam case. If you don’t know then you aren’t into creepy stuff. Because that’s where the story has been featured most. Dive into (or tread a bit into the shallows) of true crime and horror forums, podcasts, and youtube videos and you’ll find this story featured in nearly all of them. The tale of a Canadian-Asian woman who met a horrible end is mainstream. The question of how she dies has long been debated. Was it murder? Was it the result of a supernatural elevator game? The people wanted to know.

Well, finally, the Netflix documentary


Times change and so do I

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Greetings all! I, Robin Hood, would like to set the record straight in light of recent events. In the past, I stole from the rich to give to the poor. In fact, I became so famous for doing so that I made tons of money by selling my life-rights, merchandise, and likeness to be used in movies and furry conventions. And with that fame came, of course, lots and lots of gold.

Which means I’m very well-off. This also means I’m having second thoughts on my past stances. These days I’m not so sure that one SHOULD be stealing from…

Yes it’s a good comeback, but it’s not very progressive

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen people confronting a man with backward opinions or one who is being a troll, revert to the same comebacks.

“You’re just a virgin in a basement who’s upset that no one will date him.”

“Maybe if you could get laid you would support female’s rights to birth control.”

“If my dick was as small as yours I’d also be angry all the time.”

To be clear, I often dislike these trolls as much as the next person. Their attacks are based on a biblical text or misconstrued notions of where men…

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How to love your favorite old movies while facing their faults

I watch It’s A Wonderful Life every year when the Christmas season rolls around. Not only can I mouth the words during that moon scene (much to the annoyance of whoever is unlucky enough to be watching the movie with me) but I can mimic the minor moments too.

Though I know the ending by heart, it still makes me cry during every viewing. When George runs through the town, joyful to be alive and see what purpose his life has, it’s impossible to not feel his elation. Tears running down my face, I sob, “Yay George!”

Even now when…

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Your success can’t be replicated by me.

I hate being told how to succeed by life coaches under 25. Is that petty? Maybe a little. But it’s impossible to not see the influx of young, very successful 20-somethings who feel compelled to teach the rest of us washed-up 30-somethings how to follow our dreams.


Before you call me sour grapes, I should clarify something first: I do not envy them for their success. They worked with what they had, and did well. They’ve achieved a level of financial comfort I can’t even imagine. Good for them. …

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And how I wish I’d responded

As a woman in her 30s, I have several friends with kids. While many of them are cool, some transformed into horribly insensitive people who I wish I could be brutally honest with. Especially when they tell me the worst lies.

“You don’t know what real love is until you have children.”

What I said: I’m sure it’s a really strong bond.

What I wish I’d said: My heart is not ice. If it was, I wouldn’t feel the rage I feel at this moment, Davina. Did you know that there are several different kinds of love? Motherhood is just one. Fun fact: nearly all of them are driven by our…

And why other women might want to consider it also.

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Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I don’t feel it’s too much to ask that it becomes a cultural norm that both men and women pay for the first date. It’s not just about being an independent woman. It’s about being fair and giving men a break from the same cultural pressures that harm women in the dating game. Because ultimately normalizing both parties paying that first evening goes a long way to help dismantle toxic mindsets.

It destroys problematic expectations

One of the major arguments against women being expected to go halfsies on the first date is that they are expected to…

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The early bird gets respect

Getting up early increases your productivity, everyone knows that. Yet what they do not know is that getting up early also increases the likelihood that you will strike fear into your neighbor’s hearts. With the right routine and a bit of resolve, you can make all those around you shudder when they imagine how much more you are getting done than they.

It takes a bit of practice to become properly fearsome while still productive. Here is my own morning routine for reference, in case this is the lifestyle you are after.

4:00-I wake up

The moment the alarm blares I’m out of…

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