I’m so so so happy I’m officially employed!

The worry is over and I now have a full time job at Cafenatics, and once I’ve proved myself I can start picking up shifts at my dream coffee shop; Manchester Press! So to try and stop myself drinking loads to celebrate… I thought I’d write something instead and at least delay the celebrations til later.

So yesterday I finally found the coffee shops I’ve been dreaming of since I found it on social media earlier on this year. I got so friggin’ lost trying to find it but it was totally worth the wait. I’m still struggling to come to terms with being on the other side of the world everything seems like a dream at the moment.

As soon as I walked in I knew this was a ‘cool’ coffee shop and it instantly made me feel like how I used to feel entering Aroma when I was back in college. I didn’t know many people in Aroma at that point and that made it my sactuary, I got the exact same feeling entering Manchester Press. It’s just one big, empty factory room with a tiny little kitchen boxed away on the side of the bar, with amazing looking cakes displayed next to a beautiful coffee machine, (which I have yet to find out what it is) postioned right at the front. It has a slightly industrial feel to it but because there were some many people in there and the smell of the insane food kept it so warm. To top it all off when I was sat down waiting to order the XX came on and I instantly felt at ease, it was like being in the ‘old’ Aroma.

So the coffee menu was as sick as I was expecting and it to be and I was going to put picture up on here but I’m struggling to not make it look shit! I ordered a flat white, (of course) and a cold brew to have after food. Their house blend at the moment is Indonesia, Brazil, Ethiopia and Papua NewGuinea. It tasted amazing with milk but I can’t wait to try it without! I haven’t drank that many flatwhites here in Melbourne, nor anywhere else in the world but that truly was a insanely balanced flatwhite! The milk was what made a big difference for me as well because a lot of the espresso based drinks I’ve had whilst I’ve been here have been too creamy for me, but this milk was perfect, it didn’t have an overpowering milky taste, but it complemented the espresso so well.

Now going on to the cold drip… this was fucking amazing and there’s no wonder everyone’s gone tits over here for it because it’s so insanely refreshing! It was called ‘wide open road’ from Kenya and the flavours blew my head off! It was super fruity to start , with a proper boozy mouthfeel, and the thing that hit me the most was the fact that all I could taste was just slightly smokey vimto! I fucking love vimto! Then as I carried on drinking it left proper dark cacao flavours that you get from a lot of Kenya coffees. I’m normally all about the South American coffees but I could seriously live off that stuff… like if that was the only coffee I could drink for the rest of my life… then all i would say is “worse things have happen”.

I have to tell you about the salad I had as well because it was glorious! I know you can’t make friends with salad, but I had the shaved pancetta, spinach, avocado, semi dried tomatoes and ‘Meredith Dairy’ feta and Dukkah salad! It was insane, like everyone told me before I left that I’m going to loose loads of weight because it’s so hot here “you won’t want to eat”. Absolute hog shit! The food here is amazing and I think I’ve already consumed my body weight in salad, avocado and I’ve got no problem with that at all.

Anyways… I got the fucking job and I can’t wait to be apart of the Manchester Press team because from the team members I’ve met so far they all pride themselves in what they do and the standard of coffee they serve, but they aren’t dicks about it. Their moto is C.R.E.A.M for fuck sake! So excited!!!