Melbourne night life… well the little bit that I’ve experienced so far.

So I haven’t written anything in a while because I really couldn’t think of another topic to write about… so of course my next topic, after coffee, is alcohol!

So I’ve been trying not to spend all of my money, which is proving quite hard when there are so many amazing places to eat and drink! But so far there hasn’t been a bad bar I’ve been to yet! I’ve only been to one proper night club so far and I will explain why in a bit.

So my favorite bar to go to so far has to be cookies. It’s one of the many roof top bars here in the CBD but it’s famous for its roof top cinema which happens most nights every week, showing old and new films and it sells out nearly every night! It’s an experience in its self just arriving because you enter the building and you have to get a lift up to the 6th floor, it’s a tiny little lift that only holds 6 people but it sets the mood with a magical forest decor in the lift matched with weird ass jungle sounds. You can take the stairs up to the 6th floor because there are 2 restaurants and a couple of boutique shops in there, but last time, after a mega shift at work we decided to take the stairs for ‘the excersie’ and I nearly died when we got to the top! So you get up there and some scary bouncer is always there but never checks ID, and it opens out into a funky astro turf heaven for people having after work drinks. It has a small menu of drinks but their margarita is sick! What I also like about this place as well is that you get such an array of different people; for example, last time I was in there it was the night before another national holiday so everyone was out drinking! There were posh aussies who obiously work in suits everyday, there were the surfer/ skateboarder lads busy not giving a shit, and there were the hipsters chain smoking looking all sophisticated and moody. The music has always been sick because whenever they are open they have their resident djs and they are situated right amongst the crowd in a tropical looking dj booth in the middle of the seating area.

Now I will go onto my next point now because this applies to cookies too… but everywhere and I mean everywhere… plays funky house music! You can’t get away from it and I fucking love it! It’s just such a good genre of music because not only does everyone enjoy it, but because it’s an instant mood setter, it makes you want to go out and dance! The only issue I’ve found with this, is MDMA culture that goes with it. I mean don’t get me wrong as soon as the sun goes down and the bars are playing some mad motown, funk mash up, I’m like ‘someone find me a capsule now!’ (sorry mum) so capsules are how they sell MDMA here, it’s around $25 per capsule and you get 0.1 or if your lucky 0.2 in a capsule. Now this is another reason why I’ve managed to stay away from it… because it’s bloody expensive, and you feel like crap the next day so that doesn’t go down well at work. Yet, everyone takes it here, all walks of life, young or old, everyone fucking loves it. Now anyone reading this who doesn’t know much about MDMA, mum, Google it and make up your own minds about it, all I’m saying is that you will never find anyone homeless or addicted to MDMA, it just doesn’t happen and it’s not that kind of drugs, people don’t take it to escape real life, they take it because they want to have a general nice time!

So going back to bars and clubs, Cookie is my favorite, but another bar called Section 8 has been the most unusual one I’ve been to so far. It’s just on some back street next to China town, it’s super small, and it’s kind of inside, but outside, your basically separated from the outside by a wire fence. It’s one open area with just different levels of crates to sit on and the bar is tiny but the staff are super efficient so it never takes long to get served. The walls are covered in street art and promotional stickers or posters from previous events all over the city, the toilets are pretty scary but the same except the stickers are more artistic and meaningful, like I could have stayed and read the walls in there for ages if it wasn’t so mingin. So the first time I went to section 8 was hilarious because my German friend Jen, who I shared a room with in the hostel took us there, and there was this weird as hell two piece female band playing. The que to get in was pretty big so we waited anyway because we thought something good must be going on in here! To start with we thought they were just playing weird music but as we crowd watched through the wire fence, we realised there was this super hipster band playing. It was the type of music where there was a lot of wailing instead of singing going on, and didn’t really think one of the woman actually knew how to play the guitar because she was deffinately using some alternative methods. Kev, my scouse mate who was with us, was convinced one of them was a man as well, she wasn’t she just had a lumpy neck and Kev was just pissed. So Jen was mortified she had suggested this place because she really wasn’t enjoying the music, nor the amount of expressive dancing that was going on. I found it really amusing, and again, if I was on MDMA, I would have really got into it, but it wasn’t destined to be that kind of evening. So we sank our drinks and went somewhere where there were at least some slightly normal people in the building.

Basically, what I’m trying to say so far is that melbourne night life, that I’ve experienced so far, is built around good old funky house music, that just so happens to go trifically well with MDMA. You can’t go anywhere when the sun goes down without seeing at least one person getting a bit lovey and wide eyed! Now this concept is summed up by one placed that I have experienced so far called New Guernica, which is a night club but isn’t of of those mainstream ones with several floors serving drinks deals and jàger bombs, it’s above another tiny little bar tucked away down some side street, you would never had known it was there apart from the bouncer outside, they don’t even have a sign or any promotions outside, just the sound of sweet sweet funk poring out the windows.

Now the first time I entered New Guernica, was early hours in the morning on a Thursday night/ Friday morning. I went with some new friends from the hostel and we only arrived there because of the previous bars recommendation. Now as soon as I entered the building a woman approached me and asked me if I wanted any capsules. Now this happens a lot, I think I might just look like someone who takes drugs… anyway I politely declined and went to the bar. Now as soon as we entered I felt at home, the music was perfect, it was so dark and smokey you could barely see the person in front of you, which just made the light show they had coming from the dj booth even more mesmerising. I felt like I had just walked into a scene from a movie and about in 20 mins later I bumped into that lady again and I caved in and had one. I felt comfortable enough to say yes, I also pride myself I the ability to judge people’s character even if I haven’t to spoken to them for long, these weren’t bad people they were just party people looking to spread the love! Again I apologise for anyone who will now be dissapointed in me for being so honest about this, but honestly, that night I will never forget for the rest of my life! These people were too much for me so I quickly exited to toilet and went and found my friends in the smoking area and waited for the warmth to come over me… and it soon did, as soon as I felt something kicking in I headed straight back to the dance floor. Everything was in slow motion, I couldn’t believe how amazing my whole surroundings were! They played some crazy James Brown remix and that’s all I recognised but I danced in front of the dj booth for a good hour before I had had enough. Now by this point I had said bye to everyone who I was originally with and I was the last one standing. It was still only about 4am by the time I got home. I shook the bouncers hand on the way out, no idea why, but I strided home feeling absolutely on top of the world! It was so mild outside so I didnt experience the usual bad side effects you usually get in the UK, which is… ‘oh my god! this is the coldest I’ve ever been!’ The beauty of the city was even more outstanding than usual and I had the best nights sleep I’d had since staying in the hostel!

Now I’ve got so much more time left to explore melbourne’s nightlife, but I’m still quite happy to make this generalisation at the moment that this is what it’s like, seems most of the best nightclubs that I’ve heard are also down random back alleys playing crazy music. I’ve not actually heard one place playing mainstream chart music but I’d imagine that those places still exist here!

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