Trump’s Language Promotes Rape Culture

I wasn’t going to go on a rant about the recent recording that was leaked of Donald Trump making crude statements about women and how he treats them.

First and foremost, I want to say this: I do NOT support the Clinton's in any way, shape, or form. Before anyone compares Bill to Trump to try to justify what he said/says to this day, please listen to a sentiment from a survivor of sexual assault. (Yes, survivor may sound extreme, but it is unknown how far things can go in those situations.)

Yes, it was years ago. While that could be a reasonable justification, Trump’s attitude and regard for women has proven to remain the same. Even if it is less harsh as before, he is running for president of the United States, and he has people helping guide him through his campaign. Would it make sense for them to tell him to stand his ground and ignore the judgement the nation is making at this moment? Of course not. They carefully and diligently make steps to gain support, and their language is not going to be the same as, “Grab ’em by the *****.” This is common sense, and we should be able to read between the lines. There are multiple lists online of things Donald Trump has said about women, including this one. These statements trace back to the 90’s and appear even just a few months ago.

One of the worst things he’s said in the light of sexual assault, though, isn’t on this list.

Here he simply dismisses the sexual assault issue that has been and is currently a huge problem in America. There is nothing more to say about that.

Does that mean he is really not apologetic? Does it mean that he feels okay about the recording? Is he only sorry because he got caught? Does that mean he hasn’t changed as a person? 
We cannot answer any of these questions, because we cannot read his mind. This is what everyone is focusing on; whether or not he is the same type of person and how his mistakes are minor compared to that of his opponent’s husband.

What we should really be focusing on is the comfortability and ease we have brushing this off. Donald Trump is a human being and human beings make mistakes, but we have become a brain washed, power hungry nation that will sweep things like sexual assault under the rug. Does the name Brock Turner ring a bell? Again, as a survivor of sexual assault this does not sit well with me. It is Trump’s exact language — the dominant, “I get what I want by force,” language that creates a space for boys and men to feel like it is okay to treat women as if they are property. I can imagine that if anyone saw a recording of their child’s teacher, coach, or a person of great influence say things like Trump did that day, there would be an outrage. Parents would feel like they could not trust this adult with their kid in any circumstance. Yes, he did describe sexual assault. Sexual assault is illegal. No, bragging about how you grab women by their vagina is not locker room talk. Not to mention the case that has been brought against Trump for allegedly raping a 13 year old.

(Also, imagine if Barack Obama were caught saying the same things — it would not be okay)

We are not talking about a teacher or a coach, we are talking about the potential president of the United States of America, the country we so proudly honor and love. We have taken our morals and skewed them into picking and choosing what is okay and what is not based off of revenge, lies, and an overall ominous fear that this country is rapidly falling off the deep end.

You can say that Donald Trump is a successful business man, that he can change the course of this country, that he knows how to deal with money, and we can argue all day about whether or not he is a good person.

The facts have shown time and time again that he simply does not respect women. He may love them, find them beautiful, and wine and dine them, but he genuinely does not respect women. From comments about women’s weight, all the way to a rape accusation, it is clear across the board and it is time we stop ignoring it. It is time we stop making the excuse that every president has said and done dirty things. This is what we like to call rape culture.

It is unfortunate that it took a recording from eleven years ago for so many Republicans to officially pull their endorsement. Trump has been showing his true hateful-driven agenda throughout this campaign, and has been widely supported. The underlying racism is okay, but America apparently makes their call when it comes to vulgar language aimed at a white woman. I won’t go there right now — but we should really look at our list of priorities as a country. It is fortunate that at least some eyes are open to the awfulness.

Donald Trump is not a man of good character. He may be a successful businessman, but it is obvious through his unfiltered dialogue that is he not fit to be a leader of such a powerful and troubled country.

Choosing the lesser of two evils is still choosing evil. Let’s not elect a man who cannot keep his composure around women into office. At times like this, what we need is a person who is passionate about shifting this country into a safe, flourishing, and good place to live. They should want to reach out and work with others to make great changes. (Without being clouded by how attractive the women in front of them is.) They should be in touch with the people that live everyday life under their presidency, and be concerned about the well being of every person here. Most importantly… They should never feel as if they were more of a person than another to treat them like so. It is mind blowing to me that we keep on continuing to justify things that really do negatively impact millions of lives. Let’s change the course of our thinking.