Amber Schofman — Crew Travel and Lodging Expert

Amber Schofman

Being in a construction business, managing a project away from home base can be challenging to house personnel and costly at the same time. Thereby many companies choose not to bid on projects outside of their regional location, thus eliminating additional revenue streams.

Amber Schofman is co-founded with Andrea Tsakanikas in January of 2015. Amber Schofman and Andrea Tsakanikas have worked towards the goal of ensuring is a top choice in crew travel and logistics management. Amber Schofman takes pride in her vast lodging and management experience.

Businesses with mobile workforce personnel seek ways to reduce their travel costs, while seek out the top quality facilities. However, this may not always be the case. Amber Schofman a highly-seasoned travel and lodging management executive, oversees a strong team working a customized and proprietary system to assist in crew travel and lodging in the most simplified manner. Amber Schofman streamline all your in-house labor, at the same time confirming pre-qualified facility selections and reduced overall travel costs. stands for many reasons: The company obtains a large inventory through its network of vetted/pre-qualified facilities, along with real-time tracking and simplified communication technology. It’s important for the company to keep track of its client team movement. So, if you are looking to eliminate travel headaches for managing your crew travel contact Amber Schofman and