Amber Schofman — How She Made Crewfacilities.Com to Achieve Remarkable Success

Amber Schofman, Vice President of — a travel management advisory company — spells determination and unrivaled managerial acumen. With her hands-on experience and ability to understand the needs of our client companies, she has been a vital resource for

Managing the different operational departments of takes a very high detailed, problem solving, focused manager. Amber plays a crucial role to ensure all department within the organization are working in sync and communicating in the most simplified manner.

Here is a quick summary of the responsibilities that Amber takes care of:

As the Vice President, and Co-Founder at, Amber Schofman proficiently renders services related to company’s operations. She hails from the property and facility management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. Experience that she gained during her career spanning twenty years, has enabled the company to provide its clients the best possible personnel travel management solutions at affordable prices.

Amber Schofman has contributed towards building processes and procedures of owing to her hands-on experience in systems and operations management, thereby ensuring simplified coordination with clients.

Her in depth understanding about the lodging industry enables team, which is managing client coordination, to comprehend the travel culture of the client, thereby providing the best solutions within their budget.

She understands every element involved in personnel lodging management industry, and thus drives the company to render the best possible services related to lodging expenditure reduction, employee travel, travel management, strategic procurement solutions, customized reporting technology, credit solutions, real time tracking & job cost reporting, and crew facilities standardization of facility vetting.

Amber Schofman is someone who inspires, encourages and motivates the team members to go beyond the standards established to provide extraordinary travel management services to the clients. Exceeding client expectations is the key to achieve 100% satisfaction.

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