— Innovative and integrated crew travel and logistics management

Amber Schofman

Amber Schofman, the co-founder and Vice President of is responsible for oversight of all company operations. 
What is and what are its key operations? is a WBE/MBE Certified Business Enterprise, specializing in crew travel and logistics management services across North America. The company is involved in streamlining and simplifying travel and lodging requirements for a variety of businesses with crews travelling overnight. understands the hassles a business faces without their main focus in travel and lodging management. Crew Facilities streamlines all your in-house administrative labor and takes over all upcoming travel area research, facility booking and price negotiation, managing all check ins, and tracking the movement of all personnel in real-time. 
Amber Schofman co-founded this organization with an aim to assist businesses with a mobile workforces in managing their travel and lodging costs to come in under budget. The fact is — Most organizations are not focusing on their travel budgets, while planning out of town crew travel and lodging and they are missing the opportunity to save on their overhead, thereby increasing their job profitability. Amber Schofman together with her team of qualified travel specialists makes sure the company’s clients spend the minimum and produce maximum in productivity. Moreover, owing to her vast knowledge and experience in employee travel and logistics management, is now regarded as a preferred crew travel and logistics management firm in North America. 
Organizations with mobile workforce as aforesaid are constantly seeking out potential ways to save on their travel costs. And in many cases they choose to rent apartments or man camps with long term commitments and leases, not realizing that either their jobs will change locations, finish earlier, a reduction in their work force needing housing those areas, etc. and find themselves paying for empty apartments, rooms and beds, when these funds can be allocated to the next location. travel program does not require a long term commitment or lease agreement. As most companies can’t forecast and predict the future of the true length they will be in certain areas, or the true number of personnel that they need to commit to house.
 The best option is flexibility and that is what Crewfacilities offers. Job is delayed and there is no notice. No problem. Crewfacilities scheduling and dispatch handles all the details. And negotiates no charges for last minute cancellations and no shows.
Not all companies have created travel policies, systems and procedures. This creates challenges for company personnel without an understanding of how to conduct their travel. Along with no knowing their company’s expectations and what they can and cannot book. Amber Schofman and her team of travel coordinators are our clients most qualified source to get things processed and as per clients’ needs and requirements. And ensure a company travel policy is in place that is approved by client upper management.

Operations she handles –

Having spent many years in managing the mobile workforce and their lodging in remote areas, Amber Schofman leads her team in properly conducting all client lodging transactions. Here’s a quick drop down of her professional oversight and responsibilities –
• Simplifying workforce and logistics management
• Managing varied departments within the organization
• Real-time reporting customized to clients’ needs
• Planning for procurement solutions
• Abating layers and layers of calls, emails and SMSs
• Reducing travel and lodging expenditures
• Booking vetted and pre-qualified facilities
• 24/7 data access in real-time