Top 5 Best Hotels in Montreal For Celebrities

Just like the rest of us, celebrities love to be pampered — only, they could afford it. So, when they visit Montreal, they make sure to stay at the upmost luxurious hotels. This city, as historic as it is, offers both authentic and lavish hotels. Here are the top 5 best ones for celebrities to room in:


Since its grand opening in 1912, the Ritz has succeeded in maintaining its upper class value. Not only is this hotel situated in the greatest area of Downtown Montreal, but it is also the most well-known — and for good reasons of course. Celebrities are just like us, right? That means that they appreciate a sumptuous bathroom as much as the next guy. From the heated floors to the flat screen television and the multi-functional toilet, the Ritz Carleton is one of the best places for a celebrity to sit back and relax after a hectic day of shooting on scene.


The best part of Old Montreal are their cobble-stoned roads; therein lies the beautiful, exquisite St. James Hotel. For those searching for more than just an average hotel, this auberge offers various services and amenities. There is the well-known XO restaurant located inside, as well as Le Spa. Evidently, celebrities love to be spoiled and indulged, something they will find comes naturally to the highly trained therapists and skincare experts at this hotel. Body treatments, facials, massages, and additional workout machines are all featured here.


Once again, another hotel is found in the old city — this time offering a boutique-style personality to the younger crowd of celebrities. Le Petit Hotel captures the city’s history and blends it with more modern traits. Its greatest endeavour was including a little cafe in the lobby. It is a so-called trendy hangout for many hipsters, an asset that may deem appealing to celebrities like Kristen Stewart and the Olsen Twins.


George Clooney and Danny DeVito have shown the world (through their comedic, yet tasteful TV commercials) that Nespresso coffee is the most deluxe and upscale coffee a person could drink — Le Saint-Sulpice Hotel management agrees. By putting a Nespresso machine in every room, this hotel demonstrates to its guests just how important their stay is to them. Along with this, other high-class products are provided and a Jean-Claude Poitras exhibition (a Quebec designer) is displayed. However, potentially the most fundamental accommodation to celebrities that Saint-Sulpice bestows is their pet-friendly attitude — and we all know how much celebrities love their rescue-animals.


This is one of the greatest examples of what urban living looks like. Hotel Nelligan definitely plays into the contemporary hotspots, as they are best-known for their rooftop experience. They offer a terrace that overlooks the Old Port for people to eat and drink while enjoying the stunning scenery. This is yet another posh hotel for celebs to stay at with gorgeous rooms and a view.

Each taking on a different aspect that will appeal to different types of celebrities, Montreal hotel managements really know how to do it right. From lavish to hipster decorative pieces and restaurants, these five hotspots will make them feel at home. So, if you’re a celebrity and have trouble deciding where to stay, look no further — these are the best choices for you!

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