5 Innovative Resume Ideas You Need to Know

Competition in the job market becomes tighter and tougher. In this competitive era, many job seekers are using not only their qualification or skills set but also their creativity to land a job. To get the work you've dreamed of, avoid playing safe rather learn to be creative to differentiate your self from others.

Innovative resumes became a growing trend for hopefuls looking for a job at big companies or hot business start-ups. You have to determine how you can stand out among the crowd to get the position you desire. To give you an idea how you will get noticed on your job hunt, here are five examples of clever and creative job applications.

1. My Story Video Résumé

Creating a compelling and strong resume is important to get the job that you want. However, using overused resume templates might ruin your application. If you’re tired of filling tons of online applications just like Elski Felson, perhaps you might consider his idea of making a comical Snapchat video resume.

This tech enthusiast applied as Community Support Specialist to Snapchat and he did it via the social media app. Looking for an alternative way to use a company’s product or service to supplement your application materials will definitely give you an advantage.

2. Website Resume

If you keep getting ignored by hiring managers and HR officers of your prospective company, why not get the attention of the company executives instead. Nina Mufleh, a Social Media Consultant and Strategist, always wanted to work for Airbnb. But since it’s hard for her to penetrate the company’s job listings she created an innovative resume inspired by the Airbnb’s official website. With her creativity and determination, all her hard-work paid off. The CEO and CMO of Airbnb were impressed on Nina’s application and said they will get in touch with her.

3. QR code Resumé

Transform your paper resume into something extraordinary. French creative Victor Petit integrates a Quick Response (QR) Code into his job application where recruiters will be directed to online portfolios, documents and other application materials like a video proposal. Using this kind of job search technique, Victor ended up getting job offers.

4. Google-themed Resume

It would take a lot of efforts to grab the attention of famously selective companies around. But it would only take one eccentric idea to get noticed by a multinational technology company named Google. Eric Gandhi built a Google-themed resume to stand out from all the other designers out there. He wanted to do something unconventional so he thought of using the Google’s iconic style and search results to present himself and land job interviews elsewhere.

5. Google Analytics page Resume

For a clever, creative spin on a resume, mimicking Online marketing manager Simone Fortunini’s idea of using an interactive website might work for you. Get inspiration from his Google Analytics-themed resume and showcase your technological understanding and online marketing knowledge. Even if you are not into creative or designing professions, you can still utilize your talent and innovative thinking to get the job you like.

To defeat the frustrating series of no’s and non-responses in your job search, go to extreme creative lengths to promote and present your skills. You can also ask trusted professional writing services like ResumesPlanet to craft a perfect resume. These innovative and offbeat resumes can make a big difference to your job hunt. But you should also remember to tailor and match your own resume depending on the industry you’re in and the position you’re applying for.