The Person Of True Scaring

I found myself dreaming of a man in white standing with three other men wearing gray suits. There was woman on the otherside wearing lightly pastal green all standing in a row . The smell of fresh crisp country air was comforting and warm. It was the beautiful color of the sunset when the sun hits the horizon line and it glistens off the water. Trees surrounded each side with flowers just blooming. The ground had a pathway that laid a white long carpet with pink white and red rose petals. Along esch side of the pathway was glowing candles. The branches of the trees had this handmade lanterns haning. Chairs where lined up on each side slighty white with lace filled with people. Behind the man in white was the lake you could see the still waters. As I looked down my feet was covered in white high heels and I was wearing a beautiful white dress and then a piano started to play no singing just piano sounds. A tune that was my grandmothers favorites Somewhere Over The Rainbow Then it turned into my favorite song thousand years and my dad was holding my arm snd said are you ready for this. We walked down the asile in slow motion and my heart was beating so fast. I started breathing with deep breaths my hands begain to sweat. As I get closer to the man in white I start to cry and feel tingles all over. He turned around and I gasp for air and tears streamed down my face. It hit me all at once memories fluded my head. Butterflies gathered in my belly. The sounds of everything stoped and all I could here was my heartbeat so fast and i couldnt feel my body . All a sudden he walked closer to me reached out his hand and I hesated then i seen his eyes daring me to think. He whispered in this soft voice do you trust me? I grabed his hand and it was like my worries gone away my smile was from one ear to the next. Then his face started to fade in the dark I turned around and nothing was there I was crying found myself alone I coould hear people whispering one of my dads voice said she only has two months to live. my mom was crying my sister was saying its stage 4 cancer. I could here a machine like a genarator and beeps. Then it was me standing above them all and my body was on the ground with nurses and doctors one man who looked like an old friend was there solider pumping on my chest and then came the sound long beeeeeeeep. I woke up crying and shaking only to see that it was a dream but when i looked over i was reminded of the girls on tv dancing for you and your eyes glued to them like always. I laid back down cried very quitely and went back into a dream this time it was the soldier a friend who talked to me and gave me advice. So my dream is that wedding but it never happens because you stoped loving me and then the dream died and my heart had a whole .

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