Working In The Edges

I sit in the wild of a coffee house as I write. It brings me peace to do nothing but focus on my work, my writing, and my coffee. The place is quite. It has a minimalist feel with it’s empty walls and lack of decoration. I love it.

I have read about having a place to write, and I have read about how you must be able to write anywhere. For me, both statements are true. I crave having a place to write. Someplace all to myself, quite, and void of distractions. My life though requires me to write on the go. I am gone 4–6 days a week. My daughter has appointments three of those days, we leave our home to do laundry, to meet the home school group, to go to church, and the library, and the store. Our days are full so if I want to write I have to work on the go. I don’t always have very long to work. So I write, and read and knit in the edges.

The edges are the minutes in between. In between the appointments, and in lines, and sitting while we wait for our people to show up. We are a generation that wastes our edges. We spend the time on Facebook, and Twitter, and shopping for things online. We spend our edges complaining to those around us about the silly little things that really don’t matter.

I hope to see a change in how we use our time in the edges. What if we read a chapter, write a post, knit a row, kiss our kids? What if the time we have was used for more than just pacifying? Can you do it? It takes discipline. It takes learning to say no to the little things that we have become accustom to, and replacing those things with growth steps. With things that expand who we are instead of just numb our minds for a time.

Is there anything wrong with wasting time? No. But there is benefit in giving some of our edge time to something that will add long term value to our lives. This is your call to wake up to your edge time. To become aware of what you have, and to use it. Will you?