Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe

My friends are better than your friends. Most of you will either think I’m joking or deluded, but I’m not. My friends are better than your friends for the same reason my facebook stream is more interesting than yours. I curate. As a social creature I thrive off of the energies of others, so it only makes sense that I hold my friends up to a high standard of being amazing. I love to give and be generous and saturate them with love and I expect the same in return. My friends are listeners and encouragers, talented minds and hungry souls. My friends are smart and beautiful and yes, better than yours.

Prove me wrong. My challenge to everyone reading is to get a little reflective for a sec and think about who you surround yourself with. I hope they are amazing people who lift you up and invite you to be your best. I hope they stick with you through your worst. If you are surrounded by people like these, congratulations. I won’t take back my previous statement, because I’m fully confident that my friends are the best human beings on the planet, but I will accept that you feel the same about your friends, and we can agree to cordially disagree.

Actual unsolicited post from my friend Abby

If you’re not surrounded by super heroes, it’s time to make some changes. Friendship is one of the hardest ties in the world to break, but look closely. If there is someone in your life sucking your energy, feeding you negativity, taking advantage of you and bringing you down the answer is imple. Listen to me closely, because this is important. FUCK THEM. There are 7 BILLION people on this planet. You have a big pool of candidates for better friends. When you surround yourself with negativity, that is what you embody.

And let’s talk tough. Look inside yourself. If you are surrounded constantly by negative energy, you might want to check inside the engine, and make sure you are not the source. Let’s be real, you are your own best friend. If you’re whispering sour nothings into your own mind, then go fuck yourself. Seriously. You can use this transcript.

Yourself: I suck

You: Hey fuck you. I’m fabulous.

Yourself: Hmm. You’re right, I am fabulous.

This conversation may have to go on longer, depending on how much of a haaaaater your self is, but keep it up.

The point is, if you want to continue with forward momentum, if you want to achieve your dreams, if you want to be truly happy, you need to surround yourself with people who encourage that behavior. You have to assemble a power team (almost) as good as my friends. And then you have to participate in the positivity. Build each other up constantly. Kick each other’s asses consistently. Immerse yourself completely in love of others and yourself.

Check out this video of Marie Forleo articulating these thoughts even better. Also, she’s fabulous, so go look at the rest of her stuff on youtube. She’s most definitely one of my favorite #bossbabes