The machine was, and still is, my constant partner. I need her in order to translate the creative thoughts in my head into tangible ideas I can share with the world. Transitioning to design from a modern dance career in my twenties, I never thought a machine would be my accomplice for innovation.

Machines have rapidly developed intelligence in this generation and their capabilities are changing the products we design. The process in which they are designed will also need to evolve. This article is the start of a conversation about co-designing with machines and what I’m calling Invisible Design…

Photo by Adriaan Goossens (

There is a scene in my head that I have run into many times over the years. A desk littered with sketches. Empty coffee mugs and coffee ring stains decorating a desktop like layers of weathered graffiti. A designer with a panicked look in her eyes clenching her mouse and clicking away furiously as artboards sweep across the screen so quickly that it looks like static from a 1960's TV set.

“I‘ve tried everything, I have dozens of concepts here and nothing is working right.” There’s a glimmer of hope in her eyes that you will swoop in as the…

Amber Cartwright

Design Manager @ Airbnb. Life explorer. Knowledge seeker.

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