Scumbag douchery dripping thick from his lips for many moons now. His lack of affirmative intent well expressed by countless, baseless accusations of an utterly fictitious character. He tries to sell this modified version to me as though it were truth. The convoluted twisted mistellings of a professionally toxic gaslighter.

In his brighter moments I watch him heal some tiny piece and with that accomplishment he embarks on a steep backslide. Juvenile jabs and blatant verbal slaps.

This abuse of spirit is unacceptable.

I must let it all go.

He will never face his fear enough to love me how I need. I, however, am well equipped to do exactly that. In his abandonment and dismissal a cultivation of self sufficiency has occured.

That I handed a monster my vulnerable places, that he treated my sacred like a disposable commodity, these are echoes of a past that is no more.

In this present tension the only solution is to snap and let the sickness that he insists upon go.

Something so incredible turned to exquisite torture.

May the heavens be watching this scene and may the angels guide me to a better future unimpeded by angry ghosts and heartless vampires.