This one I had to make sure I write it down somewhere.

So, there are 100,000 apps or so in this galaxy and some of them are quite impressive too. A recent tryst with the slackbot was one such story.

We use slack at work a lot, the other day I wanted to send a few docs and links to myself. I thought the best way was to post it to slackbot. Everytime I posted,the bot couldn't understand and kept giving me the below message.

This made me wonder if there was another way to do this, so I decided to ask slackbot the same and below was the response -

I went through the link, and there was no hint about how to post messages to myself.

Now comes the impressive segment, just few days after this interaction with slackbot, I decided to do the same thing again, which is posting a link to myself.I was sure that the bot would tell me that it didn't understand as earlier. But no, it had a different response this time, which is exactly the response I was after.

How did it exactly get to this response, Is their analytics which is doing this job of fixing issues in such a fast manner, or the bot learns to give better answers as it exposes itself? I have no idea.

But the change in response in such a short time was extremely impressive, and I just couldn't stop myself from posting this.

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