So, what about this game?

In case you traversed to this link via and wondering what this whole game is about, I would encourage you to read further. And well in case you just stumbled upon this post by chance, please continue reading and surely do check out !

So, really what about this game?

During the day, I manage a spatial based network asset management product and a full time mom by evening. Now, this game came from the two worlds- know how’s of map libraries and managing the child’s homework!

Recently, I was fortunate to attend an AI master class, and one of the questions raised by a participant was as follows-

In an AI centered world, where layman brain labor will be functioned by machines, how relevant does things as knowing about a country or where it is located or study of regular geography matter, is that close to a point of redundancy?

Do I have the right answer to this question? Well, no - but let me attempt framing a response.

If we analyze learning behaviors, there are usually three types of learners- the by-rote learners, the associators and the practitioners. By rote learners accept things as it is and are reliant on memory, associators learn via visual inferences and practitioners like to see everything working.

Each learning style has its pro’s and con’s, however learning maps and geographies are the best sources for “associated” learning and big picture thinking. How much ever delegation we perform to machines, the humans who make them should have stretched visual analysis capabilities and enhanced photographic memories.

So yes, should you learn and play with maps- absolutely!

Now about this game, I built this game using angular 1.5 and openlayers 3.0 as an experiment. It is still MVP (minimum viable product) of the larger vision.It is buggy and user experience isn't amazing, however I am sure you can infer the intention.

Hashmap Games

If you are a map or geography enthusiast, please give it a go and comment on how you thought it went. In case you want to collaborate to work and improve the game- let me know too.

A short video on “how to play” is here -

And if you get a score as below, please comment with a screenshot and let me tell you it isn't easy to get this score!

Works best on a PC for now, but should open and work with devices too.

Enjoy hash mapping! :)