Let’s talk about SpaceX.

We’re sure you have heard about the company’s success, from launching cargo to the International Space Station to their upcoming manned mission on 7th May 2020, as well as their announcement of a flight to the moon.

Want to be a part of this story? We don’t mean writing your name on a rocket or volunteering to go to Mars. We offer to become a shareholder of a fund that owns shares of a legendary company founded by Elon Musk.

It’s an exciting possibility. Everyone could have their reasons for investing in SpaceX, whether it be…

Security strategy

USPX tokens are being offered on Orderbook, a decentralized trading platform of a new generation. The most important difference from a security perspective is that Orderbook team never has control over customers’ assets, unlike most of the existing custodial exchanges. This lays well in-line with the latest statement published by two leading U.S. regulators: the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Non-custody is achieved by using smart contracts on Ethereum blockchain that hold assets and process the transactions. …

Although the securities market is taking longer to develop than some had previously expected, forward-thinking technologists and financial experts are slowly working together to build out the infrastructure to create a venue for securities trading on the blockchain.

Among these technology companies is Ambisafe, a global capital market, and blockchain infrastructure provider. Ambisafe’s mission is to make financial markets universally accessible. Ambisafe’s founding team has been pioneering cryptocurrency development since 2010, launching the first multi-currency wallet in 2014 and the first initial exchange offering in 2017 (before the term was coined).

“The securities markets are full of inefficiencies right now…

Some of you may have heard the news that Ambisafe has launched USPX tokens, representing economic interest in SpaceX, only to be disappointed that they are not available in your region. As of today, that may no longer be the case! Raison, a platform for wealth management, is partnering with Ambisafe for the distribution and secondary trading of USPX tokens. …

First on-chain shares? You might be wondering why Ambisafe would be making these claims. Afterall, aren’t all security tokens issuing on-chain shares that represent equity in their company or fund?

Taken from udris.it

Unknown to most token buyers that have not chosen to spend hours reading through the legal details describing exactly what each security token represents; most security tokens are not actual on-chain shares, but are actually indirect fractional economic interest.

As an example, let’s take a look at what exactly the Blockchain Capital Tokens (BCAP Tokens) represent. Blockchain Capital TokeHub Pte. Ltd. is a holding company, which holds the sole limited…

Ambisafe is partnering with Moonbase Exchange to offer futures trading on the USPX token; a token tracking economic interest in SpaceX. This will be the first opportunity for futures trading on an asset that tracks economic interest in a private equity investment.

Image result for moonbase.exchange

Andrii Zamovskiy, the founder of Ambisafe, Orderbook and an advisor to Propy has always been on the forefront of financial development on the blockchain, including launching the first Bitcoin merchant service and launching the world’s first multi-currency wallet on the blockchain.

“My goal is to build the infrastructure to make financial markets universally accessible. I’m really excited to…

“When I first spoke to Ambisafe’s team about USPX, a token that tracks economic interest in SpaceX, I knew right away that this was going to revolutionize global retail investing. “ Rayne Davis at Vertex.Market, the OTC trading platform for the people.

Today, the barrier to entry for these types of investments is prohibitive to most investors. Private companies, like SpaceX have the right to choose whom they sell their private shares to. This is designed to ensure that the people that they associate their brand with are truly aligned with their mission. …

Upon request from the Papyrus team, Ambisafe has conducted an audit on Papyrus PRP prototype token.

The audit has been conducted by the experienced team of developers at Ambisafe, pioneers in Blockchain Technology and solidity language for Smart contracts.

Ambisafe believes it is essential to have audits conducted so to protect future interest.

Ambisafe reviews smart contracts and tokens for potential bugs and vulnerabilities and write an actionable report of every issue found.

The Papyrus Global security audit is available on Github for those who want to understand the more in-depth report: https://github.com/papyrusglobal/security_audit/tree/6094e17789abcf019210e517dc106a

Here’s our assessment and recommendations:

1. Note…

As a result of the disturbance caused by the latest attack to the Parity wallet, Ambisafe wanted to reassure that Ambisafe wallets or contracts were unaffected by this issue.

In Parity’s case, the exploited vulnerability was found into the open-source smart contract, used by the company to create multi-signature wallets. All such wallets created using Parity functionality contain this specific bug. Upon close inspection, no other smart contracts in the Ethereum network seem to be affected by it.

Furthermore, according to the existing statistics, only open-source smart contracts have ever been hacked. At Ambisafe all codes of ether-holding smart contracts…

Ambisafe, an Ethereum asset management platform has just announced its newest development — Orderbook, a trading platform for Ethereum-based ICO tokens.

Ambisafe has helped to launch successful ICOs for several blockchain companies, particularly Polybius, TaaS, and Chronobank. The Polybius ICO has so far raised over $21.2 million dollars, whilst the TaaS ICO has raised over $7.5 million dollars with over 3,900 investors.

Orderbook, a new venture organized by the team behind Ambisafe, is a trading platform for Ethereum-based ICO tokens. …


Ambisafe is a global capital market and blockchain infrastructure provider. Our vision is to make financial markets universally accessible.

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