Economic interest in SpaceX is now available on the blockchain and will be offered via Vertex.Market and Ambisafe’s Orderbook!

“When I first spoke to Ambisafe’s team about USPX, a token that tracks economic interest in SpaceX, I knew right away that this was going to revolutionize global retail investing. “ Rayne Davis at Vertex.Market, the OTC trading platform for the people.

Today, the barrier to entry for these types of investments is prohibitive to most investors. Private companies, like SpaceX have the right to choose whom they sell their private shares to. This is designed to ensure that the people that they associate their brand with are truly aligned with their mission. As a result, direct purchase of private shares for highly successful private companies like SpaceX tends to be limited to top-tier investors.

More recently, a secondary market has been emerging for private shares; allowing accredited investors to start taking a piece of the pie. However, the minimum investment tends to be $1M or more, with the lowest options on the market today for SpaceX being $20,000.

Ambisafe, a global capital markets and blockchain infrastructure provider, is looking to create a win-win situation for both private companies like SpaceX and investors globally; by offering a valuation-based token with a minimum investment of $100. Ambisafe’s tokens will be priced based on the current valuation of top pre-IPO companies like SpaceX. This ensures that pre-IPO security tokens are not in-effect forcing private companies to go public prematurely, while lowering the barrier to entry to investors who would like to own an economic interest in these companies.

Ambisafe is partnering with US Capital and Zegelman Law Group to ensure that their fund is taking all the steps necessary to conduct a fully legally compliant offering (you can read about here). The first sale will occur only in non-accredited regions. However, subsequent sales will also be available to accredited investors.

Vertex.Market and Ambisafe’s decentralized trading platform, Orderbook, are excited to diversify the portfolio of their investors by being two of the first Ethereum-based trading platforms to provide access to derivatives of pre-IPO companies.

It’s unclear if this offering is headed for the moon or the stars, but if you’re ready to invest in Elon Musk’s vision to revolutionize space technology, be sure to sign-up at

“SpaceX” is a registered® trademark of its respective holder Space Exploration Technologies Corp. (referred to herein as “SpaceX”). Any reference to SpaceX in this press release is made for general informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement or affiliation by Space Exploration Technologies Corp. This article does not constitute an offer to sell or the solicitation of an offer to buy, nor shall there be any sale of the USPX tokens in any jurisdiction in which such offer, solicitation or sale would be unlawful.