Futures of the USPX tokens will be available on Moonbase Exchange

Ambisafe is partnering with Moonbase Exchange to offer futures trading on the USPX token; a token tracking economic interest in SpaceX. This will be the first opportunity for futures trading on an asset that tracks economic interest in a private equity investment.

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Moonbase exchange is listing futures contracts for USPX

Andrii Zamovskiy, the founder of Ambisafe, Orderbook and an advisor to Propy has always been on the forefront of financial development on the blockchain, including launching the first Bitcoin merchant service and launching the world’s first multi-currency wallet on the blockchain.

“My goal is to build the infrastructure to make financial markets universally accessible. I’m really excited to provide access to pre-IPO companies on the blockchain. Personally, there are many later stage private companies that I would be really excited to invest in. These are the companies that we hear about all the time and that are shaping the way we live our lives. It doesn’t seem fair to me that access is limited primarily to investors who can afford minimums of $20,000 or more.” Andrii Zamovskiy of Ambisafe Group, the parent company of the fund Unicorns LP that is offering the USPX token.

Andrii says that he chose SpaceX as the first Pre-IPO company because it was a late-stage private company that had shown clear growth over the last 10-years, and he truly believes in Musk’s ability to keep developing the company. “There are some people that when you hear them speak about their vision, you just know that they will deliver on their promises. Musk has always been someone that I have admired, and I’m excited to allow investors with similar interests to participate in the USPX token sale.” Andrii Zamovskiy

USPX’s is a bit different from other tokens because its price is not based on supply and demand, and is instead pegged to the valuation of SpaceX. 10 USPX tokens are equivalent to 1 SpaceX share in value. The price is based on the valuation of SpaceX plus fees. “We didn’t want to create a true supply-demand market because this would essentially force SpaceX to go public. There are a lot of valid reasons to keep a company private and we wanted to make sure we didn’t cause any issues for the SpaceX team. What we wanted was a fair way to provide access to small investors globally in a market that would mirror the private market for pre-IPO companies.” Andrii Zamovskiy

Futures trading on the USPX token will provide an opportunity for short-term traders who want to speculate on the effect of recent news related to SpaceX on the future price of the USPX token. The futures contracts will be settled when there is a change in the valuation of SpaceX and the price of the USPX token is updated accordingly. “The futures market acts like a prediction market for the valuation of SpaceX as traders are free to speculate on the price of the USPX token between price changes. When the price of the USPX security token actually changes that’s when the settlement process occurs.” Denis Grobachev, founder of Moonbase Exchange

Want to learn more about the project? Visit https://spacex.orderbook.io/ to learn more about the USPX Security token and to sign-up for the waitlist.

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