Official notification from Ambisafe

As a result of the disturbance caused by the latest attack to the Parity wallet, Ambisafe wanted to reassure that Ambisafe wallets or contracts were unaffected by this issue.

In Parity’s case, the exploited vulnerability was found into the open-source smart contract, used by the company to create multi-signature wallets. All such wallets created using Parity functionality contain this specific bug. Upon close inspection, no other smart contracts in the Ethereum network seem to be affected by it.

Furthermore, according to the existing statistics, only open-source smart contracts have ever been hacked. At Ambisafe all codes of ether-holding smart contracts are private. We have checked and vetted our server infrastructure, and can confirm that our multisig wallet for Ethereum, is a highly secure proprietary product.

Meanwhile the community may have been alarmed by the attack, Oleksii Matiiasevich, smart contracts architect at Ambisafe, had joined the saving mission leaded by The White Hat Group . We managed to recover 6000 ETH. These funds will be transferred to The White Hat Group so they can be returned to their respective owners.

Should you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our support team.