Ambit Miners
May 28, 2018 · 2 min read
Dubai Investor Meeting

Today we are happy to share a positive announcement about the project. First, a note on how we got to this exciting announcement. The CCN(now Ambit Mining) YouTube channel was initially created because there was an unaddressed need in the market in which a huge community requested a solution. With this in mind, the Ambit team set out to develop that very solution. The team started to share their developments and with this progress was shown to the world. Quickly, after displaying the full processes and infrastructure which housed the fully disclosed mining facility, there were lot of requests from our community members that wanted to invest with this project. Therefore, the team decided to give everyone within the community a chance to grow with Ambit and become part of our expansive Ambit mining family.

During the start of the ICO our focus has always been to give an opportunity or chance to individual investors. The Ambit team truly wanted to find smart investors, as they say. Essentially investors whom were truly passionate about mining and thus could participate in our sale with biggest possible discount and provide the best advantage to the company in the long term. The excitement of the Ambit mining project even drew several offers from large institutional investors, who wanted bigger discount for their investments. Their were heavy negoitations but the team wanted to allow small players the opportunity to purchase tokens the same as large players. Further, the commitment to the community and the team’s core beliefs, we have refused to take those large investments, which in long term would negatively impact the smaller investors. Instead, the team wants to focus on building a passionate and diverse investor pool from many different parties, large or small.

With these community concerns in mind the team also chose to establish a baseline for the project. This will be a viral aspect moving forward to ensure the success of Ambit. Moving forward the last few days, in order to reach the soft cap of the project and secure future small investment with less risk- the team has traveled to Dubai. This is where the Ambit team has met with several large investors to share this positive news. The team have secured funding! With this, the team has surpassed the soft cap for the ICO! This means that our project is officially going to happen. Ambit will officially be constructing the next generation of mining infrastructure together with the community.

The Ambit team wants to send a large thank you to everyone in our community for the support throughout this process. Together we can achieve the goals and results that we have set for ourselves. Together we are now officially set for an exciting journey!

Ambit Miners

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Ambit Mining is a mining operation established in the free economic zone, Tbilisi, Georgia.

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