The world of business in this century has taken a turn and changed in a way that we have never seen before. Since the beginning of time, the creation of value has always been in the hands of an exclusive class of people, be it government, cartels of moguls, and in recent times banking institutions of the world. No matter what your value base might be, the only thing that determines if it translates into any real-world influence is if your bank gives you the number of commas in your account to reflect that value. This stranglehold of banking institutions, banks, and centralized authorities met its first real challenge with the birth of Bitcoin and blockchain technology.

Growing Pains

Despite the great strides that blockchain technology and to be specific, Bitcoin, have recorded in the past decade or so, this is an industry that remains harshly judged and continually attacked by industries that benefit from the lack of decentralization of the creation and distribution of value. The cryptocurrency industry is one with limitless opportunities, but that for one second does not take away from the fact that with such opportunities come equal risks on the flip side of things.

As a highly volatile market, the crypto market is one that is characterized by wild shifts from one extreme end of the pendulum to another. It is not at all unheard of for a certain digital asset to rise in value dozens of percent one hour and then crash through the same percentage in value the next hour or even more. This coupled with the huge pressure applied to the industry in some parts of the world, the hike in the value of certain assets, as well as security concerns on the use of trading exchanges, make investing quite the tricky affair.

Mining: The Solution

Just over a year ago, Bitcoin was bought and sold at just under a thousand dollars per unit. This price hiked to a maximum of just over $20,000 per Bitcoin mid-December 2017 and is still currently trading several thousand dollars per Bitcoin. As an asset that was meant to become the alternative to fiat currency, and what was originally slated to be the “people’s money” Bitcoin has simply become too expensive for millions of people to buy and make use of in their daily lives. This is one of the major reasons why Mining Bitcoin and other altcoins instead of forking out thousands of dollars to buy them has become the more viable option for investors around the world.

Some of the reasons why investing in mining infrastructure is a great source of passive income for investors includes:

  • Tempering Volatility: One of the main reasons why investing in mining infrastructure is awesome for investors in the crypto world is that mining, unlike simply buying crypto assets at exchanges, serves a crucial purpose of tempering the downsides of the volatility of the markets. A person that buys Bitcoin at $19,000 at an exchange last December is now running on losses of several thousand dollars, depending on the number of Bitcoins they hold/lost. On the other hand, those that invest in mining would have suffered no similar downsides, as the relative cost of mining depending on the region of operation are generally stable and are not so prone to the spikes of the exchange markets.
  • Fixed Assets: Investing in mining infrastructure is great for investors that are looking to reap a long-term benefit in the crypto industry. Not only are they hedging themselves against downward turns of the crypto markets by investing in mining, they are also investing in a solid asset that will take quite a long time producing results unlike buying actual coins, whose returns are fixed to the market movements alone. Creating your own Bitcoin, over and over again is a no-brainer choice compared to simply buying and hoping the markets will go up.
  • Completely Passive Earnings: We all have that dream of investing in something that works for us on a continuous basis without taking all of our time. Passive income has always been a dream for those that pursue success, as it covers our expenses without costing us much in time. Mining cryptocurrency is the ultimate passive income earner of the 21st century and is one that if properly done can return one’s investment in the shortest period of time. Participating actively in the crypto industry is an exciting venture, one that is filled with endless possibilities, but taking the mining route is double or even triple the pleasure, as it limits your downsides, earns for longer, and is a completely passive earner, the ultimate investment combo.

Investing in crypto mining is a tantalizing prospect but one that daunts many as it is seen as both capital intensive and one that requires the technical background to be run effectively and profitably. Thankfully now there are outfits, with a proven record of mining and producing the desired results, which also give any level of investor the chance to participate in mining without the hassle that comes with it. Ambit is one of the most renowned and highly reputable outfits in the world that offer such services. Just recently, a mere five months after launching their 1-Megawatt mining farm in Georgia (one of the most crypto-friendly countries in the world), the company was able to recoup its investment and then make profit. Ambit is now offering investors an opportunity to take part in its awesome outfit which is now set to be expanded twenty fold from its present size. So, if you are interested in mining but don’t have the time or patience for it, then you know where to go. Ambit is the safe bet for your money going crypto.

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