Three reasons I am not as focused as I need to be.

I went to write this post on paper and my initial title was “3 things a great story does…” but I got distracted when I started talking about how it would keep you engaged. I started writing about “staying engaged” and completely got distracted. If this isn’t self fulfilling prophecy, I don’t know what is. It might be a whole lot of irony, as well.

Now to jump into the article that came out of a completely different concept.

I deviate from lists to fight “business fires” and sometimes literal fires.

I have wanted to be a “list guy” for as long as I can remember and I work 10x better when I go the store with a list. I use for my lists right now and it does a pretty good job at add bulk list items and overall helps me work through lists at a reasonable pace. I used to use but leaned away as I was aiming for an all-in-one solution. I will set up a schedule for the day and get going on it with the goal of getting most of my “mind-intensive” work done in the am. I’ll get a couple tasks in and I will receive an email asking for an update on a project or will get a random phone call from a current or potential client. I wear all the hats here most of the time, so trying to switch from ‘creative hat’ to ‘administrative hat’ is not something I do seamlessly.

Photo by Joshua Newton on Unsplash

I’m also a volunteer firefighter and if something happens during the day and I happen to have the van, I try and make those runs. This is an obvious distraction from work but it’s something I’m committed to and aware that I’m one of only 5 guys that has the flexibility to do such things during the work day. The upside is that I can be of service to my community in that way but the obvious downside is the fact that I’m leaving work when there’s tons of work to do. It’s a tough balancing act, for sure.

I don’t stress or hold to what projects should be my priority for that day enough.

This one kind of speaks for itself and is mixed in with the “fires” conversation. A quick yet not easily attainable answer to this is to take the time to put levels of importance on every project task every day. Even as I type that, I find it difficult to comprehend what that looks like. But to get past this hump, I need to do it.

I have a habit of promising things, forgetting that I did, then remembering and trying to do them in the middle of other tasks.

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This habit is something I disdain in others yet here I am, doing it all the time. This again comes back to planning and getting everything into my to do list. So that it gets done and not forgotten but even more importantly that I am following through on what I say I will do with Ambit. My businesses’ reputation is at stake and I have to treat each scenario that way.

What are a couple things that you find distract and/or keep you from getting the work done you need to get done? I would love some examples in the comments. Thanks for reading.