Why the “entrepreneurial grind” is a little misleading to me (and maybe others)

That’s right. I bought my business (ambitdesign.com) from a friend after working with/for him for a bit and helping him finish some task heavy web projects. I paid for it over a year by giving him a percentage on every project that came in under Ambit’s umbrella. It was an interesting process but maybe that’s a post for another time.

Looking back on this process and the many ideas I’ve had for businesses since then and having listened to a number of entrepreneurial books by Mike Michalowicz, John Acuff, Donald Miller and Michael E. Gerber. I can’t help but feel a little weird admitting that I bought my company from someone. There’s an aura around being an entrepreneur, it’s enticing and exciting. A “pick yourself up off your own bootstraps and get the job done” mentality is easily grabbed onto when diving head first into this way of thinking. I didn’t do that. I worked off a relationship and bought the company already rooted in a specific niche in the web realm. That doesn’t change the work I’ve put into since 2013 but it’s something that bites at me at times when thinking back.

Photo by Anthony Young on @Unsplash

One of the reasons I love each of those authors though is they all aim to debunk a number of the myths of “grinding” as an entrepreneur that have seemingly been perpetrated over the years.

1 | To grind, you have to work 60–80 hours a week and ultimately never stop working even when “off the clock”, because losers take breaks. (I might have embellished that last part a smidge)

2 | To grind, is to put work above all else. (similar to the first, obviously)

3 | To grind, is to be a one man show at least as far as profits go.

I can honestly stay that my favorite part of running my own business is the fact that I get to be with my family as much as I do. My mom and dad both worked most of my life and my dad’s hours specifically were not accommodating to home life, at all.

Does this mean that I don’t go on work binges and have to work long days to get projects done, of course not. There’s times when I’m not home much but in general, I’m around a LOT more than most jobs would allow. I’m proud of that.

In general, I am learning day by day what it means to be my own boss and what it means to run a successful business. I feel like I’m a little late to the game being that I’m turning 38 in 4 days but…

Every new day on this earth is a blessing and ultimately, I want to do what I say I will do and care for the people around me.

There’s 3 things I know will help me be a better business man and maybe even entrepreneur…

1 | I am doing all I can to be wise with my time. There’s only so much of it and I want each moment to count.

2 | I want to care for the people around me. That means family, strangers, friends and business colleagues. Always being open to opportunities to give without need for return.

3 | I want to be a man of my word. If I say it, I will do everything in my power to follow through. This also means that I keep my mouth shut more. Not always an easy task for me.

What are ways you’re growing as a person, whether in business or anything else?