You should take the day off.

No, I’m serious. Go ahead. You’ve been working so hard lately, you should head home early and just relax.

I’m not trying to Jedi Mind Trick you or anything here. If you’re thinking about calling in sick today or taking a break from your projects, then you absolutely should.

Me? Oh no, I’m working today.

Listen, maybe you’ve legitimately earned the day off. You’ve pulled 16 hour days for the last week, finally released that new product or you just need some time for yourself. If that’s the case, you have my blessing.

But I’m afraid I just don’t have that luxury. Seeing as how I’m not running a highly successful digital media agency yet, I’ve got quite a ways to go. See, I don’t want to take a day off because I know what it’ll do to me.

It’s weird — there’s this epidemic going around of people who think they’re somehow entitled to success. I don’t really care what success means to you (money, legacy, family, whatever): you’ve got to be willing to work yourself to the bone on a regular basis just to have a chance to be successful.

You wanna know the worst part? The amount of work that I put in today probably isn’t going to move the needle very much. That’s right, you can relax all day and tomorrow morning, we’ll both be in basically the same place.

Expect for one major difference: I’m getting stronger. See, discipline is a muscle. And just like any other muscle, you’ve got to work it to get results. When you choose to take the day off because “it’s a friday”(?), you’re training yourself to tap out. When I choose to keep working, I’m becoming just a bit stronger.

I’m probably only going to improve by 0.5% today, when I stop and think about it. That might not be much, but we both know it’s going to add up over time. And a year from now, I’ll be 15% or 20% more dedicated than you are.

Will I always be this way, working myself to the bone when I’m 50? Of course not. Someday, I’ll have earned my day off. And that’s the point. There are so many people out there talking about ‘work-life balance’ and I have to wonder how many people (particularly some of these ‘entrepreneurs’) have actually been putting in the work.

Be honest with yourself. If you’ve earned the day off, congrats. If you haven’t? Get back to work.

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