Throw Rosewood Initiative a couple bucks.

I remember the first time I met Jenny Glass and visited the The Rosewood Initiative; her make-shift office was in a small restaurant on 162nd, and it was kind of refreshing to be able to have a meeting with a fellow nonprofit colleague over diner pancakes and coffee. More memorable, though, was the way that *every* single person that came through those doors, ranging from the local beat cop to the restaurant waitstaff to the employees of the local businesses next door, had a friendly word and a question for Jenny relating to everything from gang prevention to economic development. We talk a big game about “community building” in Portland, especially those of us in urban planning and advocacy and politics and organizing, but I’m not sure I’ve ever witnessed anyone truly living that experience quite like the folks at Rosewood. They’re located literally and figuratively on the edge of Portland’s city limits, and undeniably making a difference by filling the gaps experienced by vulnerable populations without the economic safeguards many of the rest of us experience. They’ve been partnering with the PDC on getting some internships for Rosewood youth, providing help with taxes, hosting job fairs and community events, removing graffiti, founding a community bike repair shop (because Portland), and just generally doing all the things we all wish to see happen to make East Portland a better place to live for residents old and new. Their programming is the glue that brings a neighborhood together and changes lives.

There was a shooting at the Rosewood Initiative last week, at one of their numerous community events. They’re looking to raise $5,000 to replace the broken glass and help move forward. I hope you’ll consider joining me in throwing some money their way.

Here’s the link.