When You Feel Lost & Worthless…!

Photo by gbarkz on Unsplash

False hopes, ignorance and high expectations are the three biggest enemies of a human soul. It kills us from inside, leaves so many scars and wounds which cannot be healed even with time.

When you are ignored by the person whose attention means world to you, you feel lost, completely lost! It’s not even less than the extreme physical pain. You feel tired, pained, faded, and sometimes not even in your senses. Unfortunately, this is uncontrollable. The person who experience this pain can never recover from this phase, it leaves him completely broken and heart-wrenched. And then the time comes, when the effects increase gradually, and you find no escape, you just want to run from the reality and feel satisfaction in your own imaginary world.

But unfortunately, you cannot live forever in this self-created imaginary world, you have to face the truth, you have to face the people, and you have to bear ignorance and feelings of worthlessness again & again. The question is until when? Is there really no escape for such people who experience this pain? Do they have to live like this forever?

Nothing is permanent, neither your pain, nor your happiness. But sometimes, the moments of happiness seem shorter than the moments of pain. It looks like, we are drowning in a never-ending world of pain, and nobody will come to rescue.

All of us are surrounded by the people who love us, care for us, and cannot see a single tear in our eyes. But still, we humans are very ungrateful. We do not appreciate the love of those people, instead we run towards those who ignore us, degrade us, and make us feel worthless.

The most difficult phase of our life is when we cannot even decide whether to move on or to hold on. Because when you consider holding on, just a few thoughts try to manipulate you- the thoughts of being loved someday, the thoughts of being cared someday, and the thoughts of being considered someday. You trust your instincts which don’t push you away from that person. And when you decide to move on, you are surrounded by some fears that try to manipulate you- the fears of being rejected again, the fears of being ignored again, and the fears of being mistreated again.

I don’t know how to end this, because I am still confused what goes on in my mind. Because everyone who is reading this must have gone through these phases of life so you can better understand that it’s a never-ending world of pain, where we have to live no matter what. We cannot change this world, but we change our self, change for the better and change for our inner-peace. It’s hard to even write, but we have to live like that, we have to live with pain, ignorance, false hopes and high expectations- the three biggest enemies….!