#Key to be famous and friendly in your social circle

Three days ago, I read the first chapter of the book “How to win friends and influence people” by Dale Carnegie. It was really amazing to know that we have to being interested in others; if we want to be a happier and famous person in our social circles. Writer says; “If we want to make friends, let’s greet people with animation and enthusiasm.”

Recently 20 days ago, I have changed my hostel. Here I have new roommates from different regions of the country. In the first week, there was a complete silence in our room because we didn’t talk with each other. Then gradually in second week, I started to talk with other roommates but they didn’t show much interest.

By chance this week, I was assigned to read the first chapter of Dale Carnegie’s book. I read it and then I thought to apply its points in my conversation with my roommates. Then yesterday, I talked with my roommates. I asked about their family, their interests, their college life, how they choose their field of education and many other things like that. Within an hour, we all became friends. The room environment changed from quietness to uproar. And we did gossips till late night.

So the point is that, if we really want to make friends and be famous in our social circles; we have to show warmth and kindness to others, we have to respect others point of view, spend some time with them and show interest towards them.

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