The latest episode of the Hashr8 Podcast features three guests very well known in the community — Matt D’Souza, CEO of Blockware Solutions, Christopher Bendiksen, Head of Research of CoinShares and Wolfie Zhao, Asia Editor at CoinDesk.

This is a wide ranging discussion on the state of Bitcoin mining…

The next 5 years are critical and the next 12 years are defining.

Everything hangs on the next 4 and a half years, or more specifically, the next two halvings. Within 12 years, we will know if Bitcoin is a failed experiment or a thriving parallel economy ecosystem. …

This article attempts to translate my understanding of the macroeconomics of cryptoasset mining into a deductive, simple, but quantifiable model with clear feedback loops.

The Why

There is currently no united framework, which could describe the economics of cryptoasset mining. …

The bull market of 2017 and the subsequent gold rush in mining hardware has created a surplus of equipment, which has become unaffordable to run for many prospective speculators/investors/miners.

This has in turn led to some notable outcomes:

  • large amounts of cheap hashpower
  • the weakening of Proof of Work (PoW)…

VeriBlock (VBK) has made waves not only within the altcoin speculator / investor communities — it has also made waves within the Bitcoin community through its specific use case for the Bitcoin block space and OP_RETURN functionality.

So far we have not seen many deep analyses of the implications the…


Euphoric Cryptocurrency Speculator turned Depressed Cryptocurrency Speculator

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