Most popular Types of Popcorn Packaging.


Who doesn’t like the aromatic smell of the popcorns while watching a movie? The crunch, the smell, yummiest tastes complete the enjoyment of the movie. Without popcorn, a movie always seems incomplete. What on earth is better than sharing your popcorn with your loved ones? As Charles & Schulz said:

“Love is sharing your popcorn”

Movie theaters with different flavors of popcorns at the counter make the movie more interesting. You never know where the whole bag of popcorns went when the movie ends.

“We can pull up our folding chairs, eat popcorn and watch the show” -Kevin Spillane

If you are planning a movie night at your home with the boxed set of fight club with your friends you need to go to the nearest store and buy a bag of popcorns which actually does not taste like theatre’s counter popcorns or freshly cooked popcorns but is still much better than having no popcorn movie night which can be disastrous.

As we know that popcorns are the most snacking treat around the world so this treat also requires packaging that holds it and saves it from getting soggy.

Popcorn boxes:

Popcorn boxes are made to secure and hold popcorns in theaters, carnivals or at home while enjoying a movie. These popcorn boxes have grown as business cards which act as a treat for children as well as seniors. Either making popcorns at home or buying them from theater counter these boxes always works wonders and never disappoint with their designs as there are a number of designs and styles available in these boxes which attract the kids as well as the youngsters.

Popcorn boxes come in various shapes and sizes depending on a number of popcorns you want to add to them according to your appetite. Some boxes hold .75 ounces while the other holds up to 3.3 ounces’ popcorns per box. Similarly, the design of popcorn boxes is also different. For example, if you are throwing a party for your child, you will focus on popcorn boxes which have some cartoon characters printed on them. Many popcorn boxes are made from recycled cartons which can be recycled again and again to make them eco-friendly.

Popcorn boxes also have a lining in them that ensures that flavors mixed in the popcorns don’t make the box sturdier or softer which is not easy to hold. Wholesale popcorn boxes are also available in the market, which is used for small parties and functions.

Custom popcorn boxes:

Popcorn boxes can be obtained from any nearby store from your house. You can also personalize these boxes by using some creativity in order to make them more delightful. Customizing popcorn boxes ensure that you are totally enjoying your popcorns and none of your hard work goes into the waste. Buying these boxes can cost you more than making your own custom printed popcorn boxes. You can personalize them according to the theme you are planning for your party. You can make these designs based on the theme of your party available on various software online and then can print on your boxes. These printings not only give a personal touch to your boxes but also add a touch of hard work and sincerity you are incorporating in the party.

For a kid’s party, you can include your children to make these boxes for you and convert it into a fun project. Either you can make your own template or you can borrow from the internet. For a party where adults and teenagers are involved, you can add handles, loops, different shapes in your designs. Similarly, you can add color to these boxes which can add to the ambiance of the party.

In the same way, Popcorns have different types of packaging as well.

Types of Popcorn packaging:

Popcorn boxes:

This is the most famous and commonly used popcorn packaging. You can have these boxes while buying popcorns for movies in theaters. Use of popcorn boxes in theaters started in mid-1900. These boxes are high in quality and are disposable. Further, they can be recycled for future use. These printed popcorn boxes have beautiful prints and posters on them which are fun to hold and utilize. You can also take these boxes home and can cut out these prints to use them in your scrapbooks. These boxes are made from lightweight cardboard. They are usually tall and open from the top. The Sizes of these boxes can vary.

Popcorn tins:

These containers are more durable than popcorn bags and plastic boxes. While using this type of containers make sure to use stainless steel containers as they will be rust resistant.

Popcorn paper bags:

These paper bags are the oldest popcorn container found. Locally the popcorns were sold in these bags at large scale. In carnivals vendors used to sell popcorns in these bags. Still, in some areas popcorns are sold in these bags. These bags can hold up to 2 ounces of popcorns. Paper popcorn bags are still found today as they create less waste and can be recycled. These bags are eco-friendly and are durable for short time usage. They are easy to carry and can be disposed of easily. These bags work for small parties where kids are involved. These bags also work as goodie bags for children.

Popcorn buckets:

Popcorn buckets are also known as popcorn tubs. This type of packaging is used when you have a large number of people for a party. They are much stronger than popcorn boxes as they are made out of thick paper. These buckets also have different sizes with varying capacities for popcorns. Popcorn bags were banned from theaters as they make too much noise which disturbs the audience. In addition, for people who love this snack much more than normal people or if you are going to a theater to watch a movie with a large group you can go for popcorn buckets.

Now that you know all about types of packaging for popcorns you should buy these for your future parties. Make sure you buy more of them as nobody wants to leave this scrumptious snack leaving in the bucket.

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