• Joacim Boive

    Joacim Boive

    Dev focusing on the web, sports & racing. Love the web & mobile development - particularly 4 iOS. #Amputee since 1993 - Bonecancer http://j.mp/1-leg-skiing

  • iedaddy


    Computer geek, SharePoint guy and sometimes writer. I know GeekFu.

  • maria m m

    maria m m

    Hi! You can learn more about me at pistachiopony.com

  • Filipe Araujo

    Filipe Araujo

    Web architect, evangelist and purveyor of unsolicited opinions

  • John S Thompson

    John S Thompson

    I’m a thinker and a feeler, I’m an observer, and sometimes commentator. I am a reader. I am a Pantheist, and a Spiritual Humanist.

  • Hilary Bienstock

    Hilary Bienstock

    Design research-focused UXer working on consulting projects large and small in LA.

  • Amit Khirale

    Amit Khirale

    Technical SEO & Content Marketer with a keen interest in JavaScript, web performance, and how engineers and marketers can work better together.

  • Ole Henrik Golf

    Ole Henrik Golf

    Co-founder & consultant @Userlab. Passionate about sustainability, startups, education and the future of mankind. Facilitator & speaker @skapfhs.

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