If you have a JavaScript regular expression instance (doesn’t matter how you construct it) that you want to re-use so that you don’t have to recreate it for every use, beware, particularly if you use the ‘g’ or ‘y’ flags. Examples abound that include the use of ‘g’ flag, and superficially it can sound good — find all matches. Even regex101.com defaults to ‘gm’ flags.

Given that regular expressions are relatively complex in their own right and few devs (myself included) fully grok them, you certainly might find yourself using a flag like ‘g’ without really thinking about it, and then scratching your head when it doesn’t work. …

Here’s a new one.. I changed my CPU/Memory config for a Parallels VM on my Mac today, and when I started back up, it said it had no network. It was working before I reduced the CPUs and RAM I allocate it…

I tried the usual things:

  • Disable/enable the adapter.
  • ipconfig /release and ipconfig /renew
  • Restart Windows
  • Reinstall Parallels Tools
  • Change Adapter option for the VM to Disconnected and back.
  • Restart Parallels itself

I tried setting it to bridged, and it worked — so the VM adapter seems OK. I noticed in Shared configuration, that the adapter was getting its private address. …

For a few years now, I’ve been a big fan of Ubiquiti Networks. I first upgraded to their EdgeRouter Lite ERLite-3 router back in 2015. Later I added their switch and WAPs. I wouldn’t exactly say this isn’t for your average home user, but, this isn’t for your average home user. I mean, I like that they have a pretty darn high quality Web UI admin interface, but overall, I think you have to be pretty comfortable with at least basic networking concepts to use it, and you have to be willing to be something of a do-it-yourselfer. …

Not long ago I started at a new company, and the first project I worked on was configured to run (and has config that expects to be) on http://localhost:8888. So far so not very unusual. Everything was hunky-dory until I needed to test on IE11. At that point, because I work primarily on a Mac, I needed to get my Windows Parallels (or VirtualBox) VM to resolve localhost to something other than the loopback adapter (::1 for IPv6 or for IPv4).

For any power user or certainly any dev, we know the easy way to add custom name resolution is to put an entry into our hosts file, which on Windows is under cd \Windows\System32\drivers\etc. Maybe you even read this article telling you exactly how to do this for VirtualBox. Just notepad hosts in that directory, add an entry like localhost, save, and voila! …

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I had a flirtation with a potentially very lucrative opportunity in the last week or so. A good buddy of mine told me about a recruiter that’d been in touch and was hiring for a job that pays Big Money(TM) (as in multiples of what I make now — and I think I’m already pretty well compensated..). He’s not quite as much of a techie as I am, any more, said it didn’t seem like a good fit for him, but he said he’d connect me.

Even though I’m quite happy and just recently changed employers, this was like a life-changing amount of money, so I figured I’d at least entertain it and discuss it with said recruiter. So I got the email intro. I did the typical reply and thanks. And the first response I got from the recruiter was some kind of spam protection response from Boxbe — I had to click a link to show I was human or something, to get on her “Guest List.” Oh boy, that’s not a good sign, I thought… Strike One for treating people like individual human beings. …

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Considering that “there is nothing new under the sun,” I’m sure that this, too, is not new. But it seems to me that it has become an increasingly facile rhetorical tool reached for by those who are either unable or unwilling to communicate their point of view in a convincing manner. I am speaking of the assertion that if one is not a thing, then one cannot speak to the reality of the thing.

  • If one is not a woman, one cannot speak to the reality of being a woman.
  • If one is not “of color,” one cannot speak to the reality of being “of color.” …

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Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you are in charge of a software team (or teams) that is working up to a relatively large release — lots of moving pieces, etc. Your team is working hard up to, during, and after a release. And yet the crap still hits the fan.

What do you do?

Well, I can tell you what not to do. Don’t hold a team meeting on the day of the release and berate your entire development team. Don’t generalize about things like “being more accountable” and “being more engaged” and “being more responsible.” …

And the Re-Humanization of Ourselves

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Humans Connecting as Humans

What is your identity?

If your first answer to that is to categorize yourself into one or more groups, you’re wrong. You are not a category. You are not a group. You are an individual — a person, not a nameless member of a class, race, species, gender, etc. Internalize that. Believe that. Hold onto that.

Making one’s identity into this or that group membership is precisely the problem with so much that passes for contemporary thought and expression and, inevitably, politics. We look at ourselves; we look at each other, and we don’t see persons. We see a representative of a group, and not only that, but we seem hell bent on classifying all the groups we imagine as good or bad and, consequently, each person we assign to this or that group as implicitly good or bad, friend or enemy — often before we know much of anything about the living, breathing human person before us. …

So you’re life is going according to plan, until all of the sudden, your Bluetooth is gone. Windows 10 manifests this by not giving the the switch in the Devices screen of Settings. If you search, as usual with OS-level problems, you get solutions all over the place, though there were a few common solutions/troubleshooting steps I found:

  1. Ensure your Bluetooth device driver is up to date. Sure. I reinstalled that. No beans.
  2. Go to Device Manager and look for a malfunctioning device. Nope. Not there at all.
  3. In Device Manager, choose View -> Show Hidden Devices. Nope. Nada.
  4. Ensure Bluetooth is enabled in BIOS. Yup. It is. …

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Do you have any colleagues who treat this chart like it’s Gospel truth? I call BS. Now, obviously I don’t call BS on the simple math at play. I call BS on using this as The Bar for whether or not to tackle an improvement. So fine, it’s not total crap; it’s just really easily abused, misinterpreted, and misapplied.

As a sometime UX (and product manager) guy, I coined and became fond of this thing I called #littlebigthings. It speaks more to the qualitative impact of a particular design (and the corresponding potential improvement of that design). If users, or you, or a colleague finds doing X extremely annoying, it will seem like a much bigger deal than it is.


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