What Rwandan Rulers Might Learn From This Photograph

Back in 2008, my retired elder sister who was in her late sixties got arrested by Gacaca tribunals. Her whole professional life, she had been a nurse. But she had an original sin of being hutu in Kagame’s Rwanda. Because she wasn’t begging anyone to live, RPF system fabricated accusations for her to get her imprisonned. Withing 3 weeks of her arrest, she was sentenced to 30 years of imprisonment without trial. In the entire first year of her imprisonment, her family was afraid to death to visit her in prison, for fear of being associated with the crimes of genocide she was imprisoned for. On September 4th, 2013 she died in the Central Prison of KIGALI aged 72. In the following 12 months, I lost 2 other siblings, one killed in a government hospital. This one before being taken to hospital, had told me how scared he was. At one stage he had indicated that if he wanted to be killed he would go to hospital. When I was announced his death, and told that he had died in hospital, his predictions had been confirmed. He was not the first one to die in the hands of the Rwandan health system. Some might not believe this, but there have been many testimonies from health officials saying that thousands of people in Rwanda had been intentionally killed while at hospital.

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