4 Ways to Take Responsibility for Your Actions

Responsibility, for yourself and your actions, is significant for personal growth. When you realize who you are and what you’re capable of achieving in this life is up to your own power, you will deliberately develop skills that will lead to successful outcomes. Personal development is never too late to start and never ends.

Increase Your Confidence

Do you know someone who consistently blames others or circumstances outside of their control for why their life is a mess? While some people do this more than others, we all are victims to this at times. Next time you find yourself about to do this: a) identify your motivations, b) commit to work on increasing your confidence. You can do this by brainstorming strengths and ways to use them. If you’re having a hard time thinking of anything good — ask a friend or family member.

You can also come up with goals and a plan for success.

Learning to accept positive feedback, instead of deflecting it, will also help.

Stop Making Excuses

Excuses are the opposite of responsibility. When you make an excuse you’re participating in a form of avoidance behavior. This can be a bad habit that hurts, but with some simple practice, you can get over it. You can start by acknowledging what happened (to yourself and others). When you’re in a situation with a negative outcome, you can say things like, “Sorry, I made a mistake,” and move to, “How can I make this right?” Integrity will earn you the respect of others.

Restructure Your Thought Pattern

When you have a victim mindset you believe the rules don’t apply to you and you’re not responsible for what happens to you because you are the victim. It’s everyone and everything else around you causing you to have ill fate. This happens as a result of feeling powerless and overwhelmed by life.

If you change the way you communicate with yourself, restructure you thought pattern, you can stop reinforcing the victim mentality. Apathetic, hurtful thoughts like, “I’m not good enough”, “Things like that never happen to people like me” or words like “fair” and phrases including “could, would and should” only hold you back from growing.

By changing how you talk to yourself, you’ll step into the habit of taking responsibility for your actions.

Embrace Positive Behaviors

I think Gandhi said it best when he stated, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” Positive changes in your life requires appropriate, deliberate actions. When you live in doubt and fear, that manifests in your life. You can’t hold on to anger or guilt about your past and expect good things to happen in the present. You need to get through or on from those feelings. If you want more money, stop over-spending and learn about finances. If you want a better social life, call a friend (on the phone) or put yourself out on a limb at a bar and introduce yourself to strangers.

Your thoughts influence your behaviors and your behaviors influence what you make of your life, so keep it positive if you want good outcomes.