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Flowers and romance have been linked as far back as people have been declaring their love for each other. It’s only natural that they would be a central part of making that love official, whether you’re a Christian, Pagan, or have any other religious affiliation. Love is love, and flowers are just a part of showing that love in a physical, beautiful way.

For the purposes of this article, though, we’re going to focus specifically on using flowers in a modern Pagan wedding ceremony (also known as a handfasting.)

The ways that flowers can be used to magickal enhance a handfasting ceremony are only limited by your imagination. Most often, however, they are used as bouquets, as decorations, and on the handfasting altar. …

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Every relationship is unique, bringing two different people together in one, loving unit. When you’re ready to make that union official, why should your handfasting be cookie-cutter?

Instead of following someone else’s handfasting ceremony, create your own! It’s easier than you may think if you follow a few simple tips.

Handfasting is a Neopagan custom, initially found in western European countries, in which a couple hold a unity or commitment ceremony. This ceremony is essentially where a couple stands face to face as their hands are tied together — hence the phrase, tying the knot.

Create Your Script

After deciding to make your relationship more permanent, is deciding who you want to officiate your handfasting. Oftentimes, this will be the priest or priestess (sometimes, both!) of your coven. If you’re a solitary practitioner, you can look online for Pagan officiants in your area to interview. …

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What is a circle, and why does it matter?

A circle is often a barrier that houses your spells and rituals. By casting a circle, you’re allocating energy to protect you from any unwanted or negative outside influences. There are a lot of formal ways to begin a circle and some informal.

It’s important to note that there are many ways to cast a circle.

In traditional witchcraft, you might call upon a god or goddess, while if you’re a secular witch, you might call upon the elements, or create a wall of your own energy. A circle isn’t mandatory, but it can significantly assist with protection and energy.

How to cast a circle

Always begin by cleansing your space. You can either use your mind to mentally push out, use incense to burn away or use a broom or besom to sweep away. Once you have your method for cleansing your space, it’s time to define your circle. To define your sacred circle, it’s important to take your space and location into consideration. Are you in your bedroom? Bathroom? Or outside? You can make your intended circle as large or as small as you’d like. You can mentally define your circle or mark the directions or elements with candles or crystals. If you’re using the four elements, you can create a cross shape. …

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There’s magick all around us.

This was always my first thought when riding along the windy roads between my grandparents’ home in Redwood Valley and Fort Bragg, a city on California’s Mendocino Coast. Along the way, we would travel through Willits, the Gateway to the Redwoods.

If I closed my eyes and listened, I could hear it — the whispers of the redwoods and the song of the wind.

When I opened my eyes, I would then stare, in awe of the endless sea of giant trees racing passed as I sat in the backseat of my grandfather’s 1998 GMC truck. Every summer, we would take this drive, and each time I wound up with either vertigo or motion sickness due to the constant zig-zagging. That’s how wild and raw State Highway 20 was. It’s a highway that isn’t measured in miles but in memories and grandeur. …

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Photo by Andrey Zvyagintsev on Unsplash

New Age metaphysics identify the aura as electromagnetic fields or the seven distinct layers of light frequency. Most witches today refer to auras as the spiritual energy surrounding one’s body, able to reveal much about the person’s spiritual state.

The Seven Layers

The seven layers are the etheric, emotional, mental, astral, etheric template, celestial, and spiritual. Each layer also connects to a chakra or energy power stations throughout the body.

1. The Etheric Layer — is the first layer that is closest to the physical body. This layer is connected to the base chakra and indicates physical health.

2. The Emotional Layer — is the layer that sits directly outside the etheric body. This layer is connected to the sacral chakra and holds all our emotions. …

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Photo by Chelsea Shapouri on Unsplash

A magickal oil is a pure or mixed oil created with a specific purpose in mind with visualization and energy manipulation. They are known for being used often in ceremonies and rituals. Oils can also be used on people and objects to anoint or dress which are essentially two words meant to apply an oil.

To use an oil to dress an object like a candle, you can rub oil downward on the candle to attract and upward to banish. Many like to also then roll the candle in herbs, glitter, and flower petals. …

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Photo by Yong Chuan Tan on Unsplash

During the new moon, there is little to no light in the sky, only darkness.

The lunar cycle

A new moon marks the beginning of the lunar cycle as the moon moves between the earth and the sun, blocking the sun’s rays from our view. This darkness is the reference point from which we begin our journey through the moon phases. On an astrology chart, this appears as a conjunction between the sun and moon.

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This chart shows both the sun and moon at 4 degrees 28 minutes Pisces.

The new moon is a time of wishes and manifestation.

Think of it as a time to get clear on your dreams and goals once a month. When it comes to setting goals or planning for your future, there is no better time to get started than during a new moon. …

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Are you a sea witch? A lunar witch? Or perhaps you don’t refer to yourself as a witch. You might be a Wiccan or even a Shaman.

Defining what type of witch you are is an optional choice and one you should decide for yourself.

In this article, I’ll share some of the (there are many more) different types of witches and Wiccans out there in the world. This list isn’t the end all be all of the types of witches or Wiccans, but it’s a good start. …

What’s the purpose of an altar, and do I need one? In this article, we’ll be answering the commonly asked questions about altars.

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What is an altar?

Your altar refers to your ritual workspace. This is where your magical tools are placed along with any representations of the ritual’s theme or purpose. They are used in almost every kind of spiritual, magickal, or religious ceremony.

Altars can be beautiful and extravagant or simple and practical.

An altar is defined as “a platform or table used to regard with great or extravagant respect, honor, or devotion.” You can use an altar to place several symbolic and functional items to honor deity or your ancestors, cast spells and rituals, meditating, or saying chants and prayers. …

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Where does one begin with an incantation? When I started my practice, I was so worried about getting the spells and incantations perfect, that I wasn’t in the right frame of mind for casting.

Once I realized this and found my method for writing incantations, everything started falling into place.

Words deeply affect everyone and everything around us, so it would make sense that incantations, chants, or affirmations are so powerful. If you think about it, everything around us is composed of vibrations. Words create results.

Adding rhythm to your spells adds power to your words and also makes it easy to remember. As long as your imagination and intention are in the right place, the words will follow. Incantations allow you to use your imagination. You can also add a chant to your spell, which will help raise energy. Chants are phrases, words, and syllables repeated for a purpose. …


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