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In the United Kingdom, a policy proposal that could wreak catastrophe on academia is looming on the horizon. Essentially, it would link tuition fees to graduate pay, effectively damaging arts degrees, effectively focusing on graduate salaries as a measure of a university’s success. The Augar review, while putting UK academics at stake, is not an isolated phenomenon. The same attitudes regarding economics and education apply to academia in the United States, too, where school rankings are often based on the cost of tuition versus the return on investment. Using ROI as a metric isn’t without good reason, though, as most graduates cite getting a job as a key motivator for attending colleges and universities. Unfortunately, though, a Gallup poll indicates that only a third of employers found that college graduates had the necessary skills. …


Ambrosio Blackwell

Ambrosio Blackwell is based in California where he works as a financial professional and small business owner. Learn more at:!

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