"Arent you a boy?"

In the wake of BOISLOCKERROOM,let me tell you a story which seems out worldly when seen from aforementioned perspective.(not defending any boy or girl who are liable to be punished)

I remember,it was a saturday midnight I have just grabbed myself a hearty chicken meal like always after finishing up my part time every weekend.
I have always enjoyed watching city life from a far I was calmly sipping on my drink when my insta rang up with a messsage notification.
I was not sure who this girl was and after going through her profile I could barely recall her face,she was a classmate of mine for 1 year.
It was just a hi from her which was the inception of long and continous messages from her.
After asking her few questions I was now sure who she was and I also opened up about my current life.
Its been now almost 1 hr and I was so exhausted from my work that I could barely keep my open so I asked her to resume the chat next day,while in tram.
Next day she she promptly messaged me back and pretty much at the same time while I was in tram on my way back home,although I could sense her restlessness in knowing me as I started to reply her a bit dispassionately.
When she out of nowhere popped the question" Do you like to do it without condom?"to which I literally refreshed my convo thnking she may have mistakenly sent me this.
I as a boy may be more open to talk about sex but not to any one especially whom I dont even know.
After a minute I could see here typing something which she may have tried rephrasing multiple times,
"I like it without,as I could feel it"
"You know boys who are messaging me everyday for gettting laid"
"How long do you think you can last?"
To which I angrily replied "What made you think I wanna get down with you?"
Her reply just just made rather more angry"Arent you a boy?"
I could have given her a benifit of doubt if she didnt know I was already seeing someone and also I was a very shy individual.
I was never taken aback from something like this before,I ended up blocking her.

Do you think that we as a male fall under any defined stereotypes of overly sexual creatures whom pseudo femisnists could defame at their will?
Do we all have vaccum of moral values and decency?
How do you wish I react when she still calls me through multiple social platforms?
As I man I uphold my dignity but also I do not wish to see anyone fall from disgrace just by virtue of being a MALE.

My alter ego likes expressing.