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Men,We are

Time and again,
People enter my life only to soothe them.

Time and again,
I have to prove my mettle to me.

Time and again,
I get my feelings stomped.

Its time,
I punch reality into your face.

Its time,
As I need sould to be touched.

Its time,
I face its not the lumps of flesh.

About time,
You all think men we are alive.

About time,
We arent there t uplift you.

About time,
You redicule us for fame.

About time,
Show the world you are all the same.



Skeletons In My closet

Recent news of actor Sushant's suicide,just left me shaken.
It was time for me to pour my heart to the community of avid readers,who has considerably better perspectives than others.
I had attempted to take my life once in 2014 when I went through a major breakup,something which I am still ashamed of.
Its been approximately 3 years of keeping to myself about my living alone here although I am blessed with a handful of gem of a person as my friends.
A third person can certainly define me as a very happy go lucky person,never took anything to heart,but…

Frozen Markhor

Part 1

It was first snowfall in Doda,Kashmir in this part thick apline region when I was sipping hot Kahwa near the window.
The wooden houses with dim lit houses oozes with comfort and warmth like our people.
Around 9am when I switched on the TV the news full manhunt of a dreaded terrorist Sakibullah on the run and is approximated in the deep forest of pines.
I was constantly checking my phone while browsing the news channels,hoping it to ring.
It rang and I sprung up in to stand after seeing the ending digits of phone numer.
"Hello,faizan,CO saab called you to…

Rants of a Decent Boy

Each day I wake up
only to walk on shattered glass of memories

The effervascent laughter in sunlit fields of my memory
still is deafening in the gloomy silence of mind
Your glowing eyes filled with love for me
Is ignorant towards my longing carcass of mine

The more I stand fast with my future now
Your sinful hand brings down my spine

Why I need to choose you over me everytime
and not just be me just fine

I wanted to be happy and aloof
U gave a disease just benign

You told me…

"Arent you a boy?"

In the wake of BOISLOCKERROOM,let me tell you a story which seems out worldly when seen from aforementioned perspective.(not defending any boy or girl who are liable to be punished)

I remember,it was a saturday midnight I have just grabbed myself a hearty chicken meal like always after finishing up my part time every weekend.
I have always enjoyed watching city life from a far I was calmly sipping on my drink when my insta rang up with a messsage notification.
I was not sure who this girl was and after going through her profile I could barely…

Laal Kaptaan, it is by far the best movie to relish in this gloomy period. Based on a fictional character in northern India roughly a NAAGA SAADHU.
Firstly, this movie is based in a period of which we particularly do not know much about, late 18th century. Downfall of Mughal empire, Delhi was under the claws of Marathas after they defeated Rohillas (Main villain) in the second battle of Delhi(1757),which actually makes it much easy for the makers to divulge every now and then to shots in which one could see the background and peek into the era and get a…


My alter ego likes expressing.

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