The Kent State Alma Mater, which wraps around the balcony above the main entrance.

The Housekeeping Heroes That Keep The Student Center Afloat

The famous black squirrel statue that sits at the entrance of the KSU Student Center is always dressed properly for the seasons!

No matter what the occasion is, there’s always someone or something working behind the scenes to keep the ship sailing smoothly. In a case where the Kent State Student Center is the ship, the ones behind the scenes keeping things on course, are the brave souls of the housekeeping staff.

I got the opportunity to interview with some friends of mine about their jobs at the Student Center the other day, as well as their supervisor, and I learned a lot about what it’s like to work there. According to them, it’s the best job that a student can get on campus. The supervisor of the housekeeping team, Ellie Nasser, who has been working with Kent for just over 4 years now, seems like she may just be the best boss in the world. She allows her team to make their own hours around their class schedules, and when there is no work to be done around the Student Center, she allows students to take time to study for classes as much as they need, a luxury that a lot of students aren’t offered at their jobs.

One thing that they all seemed to unanimously agree on, which actually took me by surprise, was that they never felt like they were under appreciated for their work. According to all four people I interviewed (Jared Cornett, Brent Hall, Nate Harvey, and Ellie Nasser), they have had multiple incidents where they have either been approached and thanked for what they do, or witnessed a fellow employee being thanked by fellow students and KSU employees.

Showing respect and gratitude for those who do the dirty work that no one else wants to do is extremely important, as it could be part of the very reason that they even continue to do their work. These are some of the hardest working, patient, and most of all kindest people that you will find on the KSU campus, if not the entire planet, and I encourage everyone to treat them as such, and just go out of your way to say thanks for what they do every now and again, because sometimes the little things go the furthest.

The Risman Plaza Fountain, which can be found directly in front of the main entrance to the Student Center.
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