Version Stamping your App with the Angular CLI

2 min readFeb 13, 2018

When building applications, you typically need some way to show the build version somewhere in your app. This can be tricky when using a closed-ecosystem tool like the Angular CLI. So how do we do it then??

Lets write a script that will get the Git hash and the version from the package.json. This looks something like this:

Lets hook this script up to run on postinstall of our application. So navigate to your package.json and add this line to the scripts:

scripts: {
"postinstall": "node version.js"

Now anytime we run npm i our app version will get updated for us.

This script will create a file in our environments folder called version.ts. It will look something like this:

We can now import that file in any component like:

Presto! Now we have our versions showing up in our app. That example just shows the semver but with the git script we have we can add the git hash too!

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