Why another state management framework for Angular?

Mar 17, 2018 · 4 min read
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I didn’t set out to make my own state management system just for fun. I actually spent a lot of time trying to avoid creating my own. I created a library called ngrx-actions wraps NgRX to try to solve some of my pain points but in the end this just felt like a hack and I was always going to be making decisions on this new library based on the architecture of NgRX. In the end, I created a new state management system called NGXS which took many of the concepts of Redux but reimagined them for Angular.

So what were the gaps that I found and wanted to approach differently with this library?

Redux was designed for React

Switch Statements

Its more Angular-like code style

Dependency Injection

Boilerplate Hell

Effects can be painful

Listening to Dispatched Actions


Check it out!

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