Dear SigEp’s future social media intern
Aaron Jay Ledesma

“Those who are odd, will always tell the best stories.”

The journey through life is a trying one, and there comes a time when formality should be, as they say, “set to the side.” (Beginning appropriate informality) Social Media is THE outlet for expression and creativity; it takes some pretty odd individuals to successfully maintain an image while telling a story through simple photos. I say this because a successful storyteller is no ordinary person, they are, inevitably, odd. I say this with the upmost respect, for I have an admiration for anyone who can tell a great story. It all started with the greats: Patrick Mcmanus, Jerry Clower, and Andy Griffith. It is because of these men that I consider myself to be incredibly “odd.” Their influence has given me hope; hope to one day share my storytelling capabilities to the world through marketing and media.

All of this to say one thing, I am your man! I have several experiences with marketing and communications; I have used these opportunities to tell the stories of non-profits, children, and our student-body. I serve my university in many marketing roles, for my design and marketing skills are well known amongst my peers and university administration. I always strive to aid in every capacity in hopes to continually better myself and those around me. I am overall results oriented. I often offer my services for free; time is forgotten when the impact is great.

It is for these reason that I would LOVE to serve my fraternity through practical experience. Social media is a powerful tool and I would be honored to put my strategic marketing strategies to use this summer as an social Media Intern. I leave you with this: “Those who are odd, will always tell the best stories.”