The Unexpected Trait 8 Tech Billionaires Share
Larry Kim

Another great article Larry Kim … here’s the rub though — “most” people don’t have the drive within themselves to do what those have done. AND another thing that very interesting, even though those founders don’t have a college education, to work for one of those companies you better have one! Otherwise, you are immediately filtered out by HR bots. Ironic isn’t it.

Without a drive, without the discipline of self direct learning — you better just stick to the “tried and true” plan of life.

I’ve wondered how many people, if someone came up to them and gave them a simple proposition — I will give you $10M in one year, but during the next twelve months, you can own anything, have a place to live, a car, you’ll scrounge for your food, and doubt yourself every day. OR I’ll give you $10K today — you have 5 minutes to chose.

We live in a chaotic, messy world. Some people see that chaos as opportunity, others would rather just sleep in.

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