Uber really is disruptive
Tech Giants Build Their Own Terrorist Watch List — Raising Difficult Questions
Scott Rosenberg

disruptive in the same way Amazon or Google are disruptive. Neither of those companies were going to make money in their primary business, Amazon’s cost of business within being an online seller, was always going to be too high, and how was “search” ever going to really make money?

Enter the concept of My Core Business vs. Where I Make Money. Uber just has figured out the second part — they will never be able to squash all the annoying little companies that pop up to compete — they numbers are just against them, and you end up spending too much time focused outside, rather than inside (or the competition versus the product).

If they want to make money (and not just revenue), then they will have to find where the real money is, and then determine how to capture it. It’s probably not going to be in the primary business, it will be some fringe idea on how to use data, or how to sell data, or how to leverage a global infrastructure — or a combination of all three.

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