I was angry, took it personally for a long time (past the demise of Rocket Science) until I realized they were right.
VC’s are not your friends, they’re frenemies
steve blank

Emotions are a great thing when channeled into the idea. They are not necessarily great when it comes to the “business”.

Most people will argue with me on this single point, but over my career, I’ve seen it unfold multiple times — the “company” is an impersonal entity. And if you started it, you have invested more than time and energy, you have invested yourself — and that means you have invested your ego. We protect our egos, sometimes to the very end, but the “company” doesn’t have an ego, and operates on a very different level.

Every decision, both personal and in business, can be changed. And in both sides our lives, we need to become good with that reality.

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